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Lissy Lü in real life | Storm clouds gather

Misadventures in clubland. September, week three.

Top raver, booth infiltrator and our very own AM to PM girl, Lissy Lübeck is back for summer 2023, sharing her thoughts, experiences and inner musings from Ibiza's clubland. A year older, but a year wiser? Probably not.

If you heard it from anybody else, you'd dismiss it as hyperbole, but Lissy Lü's real life is like that.

Partying as a profession is a hard life... but somebody's got to do it!

Wednesday 13 September

After the excitement of O Beach, I could have done with just getting my head down. Alas, it was not to be. It's obvious wedding season as I had yet another to attend. Thankfully, this time I didn't need to take a flight.

Held at another secret location, we had no idea where we would be going until around 30 minutes before pick-up. Hidden somewhere in the hills of San José was Villa Namaste. Incredibly modern in architecture and size, the finishing touches of the wedding made it look like a bohemian haven filled with candles and flowers.

Lissy Lü in real life

The windy dirt track to get to the villa reminded me some of the after parties I've attended. Some of the best villas really are off the beaten track, but this was one I hadn't been to before.

With an open bar, live DJ and hundreds of smiling faces, the vibe was beautiful. The bride looked incredible and we got to witness the happy couple's first dance which was to Caribou's Can't Do Without You. What a banger. 

Later on, the rain and lightning kicked in, but it somehow added to the magic of the evening.

In the basement of the villa was a secret club that we were all ushered down to as the heavens opened.

Lissy Lü in real life

First on was Gorgon City's management, then Danny and Matt from Gorgon City jumped on for a back-to-back. DJ Seinfeld and Matt carried on into the early hours of the morning and it was epic. They went in for a rather heavy Tech set which went down a treat. 

Having not eaten all day, I soon realised that I was a bit merry and on my way under. Luckily, I located the dessert stand with churros and chocolate and managed to re-line my stomach. 

I met loads of lovely people, many of them Americans as the bride is from Chicago. Being a plus one to a wedding is so much fun. I'm ready for the next!

Thursday 14 September 

September's weather is proving a little unreliable, which is a shame. I really need to top up my tan before I go home in four weeks. My plan to work by the pool and catch some rays ended up me not leaving my bed. 

The only slight temptation I had was to head to Solid Grooves with Charlotte and Daisy to see the the Mason Collective boys on the Terrace. I was about to get up and get ready, but I decided to stay in and save myself for Friday night.

Friday 15 September

Friday night I headed over to Lucy Jane's flat in the San Antonio Bay for a few drinks and a catch up with a couple of friends. As a change of scenery, Secret Sessions at Beach Star Hotel was our choice of event for the evening.

Lissy Lü in real life

The line-up was right up my street - wAFF back-to-back Wheats. A very British crowd, it was the first time I had seen the club at Beach Star in full force with that many people. There were queues all the way down the road to get in.

After a solid session behind the decks with wAFF, we decided to head over to Eden for Defected. The boys had never been and being so close, it was the easy option.

Defected Ibiza | Eden by Mario Pinta

I have never seen Defected so busy. Weather aside, it seems like September is the new August here in Ibiza. We danced away to a high energy set from Defected queen Sam Divine and stayed until around 05:00. Of course, we ordered the obligatory kebab on the way home.

Saturday 16 September

The whole of last night, I was very aware of the fact I had to be up and out of the house by 11:00 for my interview with Kölsch. Ultimately, this didn't stop me from staying in the club until the early hours…

After a quick cold shower and a full fat coke, I was on my way to OD Talamanca to meet the man himself. Looking as suave as ever, he approached Hayley and I in the hotel lobby with his wife Julia. I was in awe of their outfits. They looked super cool together.

Lissy Lü in real life

Rune (Kölsch) was in a crisp white Louis Vuitton towel shirt, his classic fedora hat (this time in navy), as well as some Dior X Birkenstocks in fluorescent yellow. Julia wore a gorgeous midi dress, Marni black leather sandals and a bag I've wanted for ages, the black Loewe Bracelet Pouch. Couple goals.

What made them even more aspirational, was just how kind, interesting and down to earth they both were. They have known each other since just eight years old and have grown together to create this powerful working relationship.

Lissy Lü in real life

Aside from me being a total fangirl, what struck me most was learning the ins and outs of his new album I Talk To Water. It comes 20 years since his dad passed away, who he looked up to as a role model from a young age. His father was also a musician, although never released any music.

If you'd like to get the low-down on his new album and final Ibiza dates, read the interview in full.

Both starving after lots of talking and walking, Hayley and I headed back home via Jesus, where we stopped at El Deseo, a little mexican joint our boss James had taken me to last summer. It was just as good as I remembered.

Sunday 17 September

I woke up with the urge to do something that I hadn't done before on the island. With this, I got in the car and headed 35 minutes north, to San Juan where they hold an artisan market each Sunday. The weather was fairly overcast, so a beach day sadly wasn't an option.

Lissy Lü in real life

Once in San Juan, I explored all of the nooks and crannies, resisting the urge to buy even more gold jewellery. I went for lunch by myself at El Giri Cafe where I enjoyed a lovely Greek lunch of homemade pita bread, lamb and tzatziki. It was delish.

I didn't mind being a little boujee today, as I feel like I haven't been as reckless with my money this summer. After this I headed back home, attempting to work on my depleting tan. However, the sun was still not playing ball.

Lissy Lü in real life

I liaised with my cousin Lily, who is out here on holiday, turning down the offer of a night out at Solomun, as I was starting to feel a bit peaky. As much as I would've loved to have gone, I just knew something wasn't right with me.

Thirsty for more misadventures in clubland? The next entry from Lissy Lü's dancefloor diary is online now.

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