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Lissy Lü in real life | Wedding of the century

Misadventures in clubland. September, week two.

Top raver, booth infiltrator and our very own AM to PM girl, Lissy Lübeck is back for summer 2023, sharing her thoughts, experiences and inner musings from Ibiza's clubland. A year older, but a year wiser? Probably not.

If you heard it from anybody else, you'd dismiss it as hyperbole, but Lissy Lü's real life is like that.

Partying as a profession is a hard life... but somebody's got to do it!

Monday 4 September

Mondays on Ibiza aren't like Mondays back home. Here they never feel like a Monday.

Waking up for my office job back in London at 07:00 at the start of every week, I used to dread the journey into the city amongst other glum commuters. In Ibiza, Mondays are like Fridays. Everyone is in high spirits, ready to go and full of beans.

A slight contrast to how the week starts in the UK. The weather probably helps, to be fair. 

Lissy Lü in real life

As I was away at the weekend, I was in catch up mode. With the closing parties scarily creeping up on us, the clubbing team have plenty of work to do. I still can't believe it's September already. I'll cry if I think about it too long.

Other than some life-admin and chores around the house, I had a lovely dinner to look forward to in the evening at Zuma. Having driven past it countless times, I had still yet to dine inside. Even so, judging by the exterior, concierge and location, I knew it was going to be a luxurious treat.

Lissy Lü in real life

Sat at balcony seat overlooking Dalt Vila, I was in totaly awe of the setting. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and take a reality check. Not a lot of people get to do what I do, eating out at 5* restaurants every night. I am forever grateful.

I think I consumed three of four of their signature raspberry and passionfruit cocktails by the end of the night. I have never tasted a cocktail so delectable.

In true Lissy style, I ordered the ribeye steak with all of the sides, as well as demolishing a whole bowl of spicy edamame. Despite a hefty price tag for the whole dinner, I would say the overall dining experience made it worthwhile.

Lissy Lü in real life

The staff were courteous and attentive, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was great. The playlist sounded like it had been plucked straight from a keinemusik set. Despite the temptation, we didn't head downstairs to Club Chinois after. Good to have the option though.

Tuesday 5 September

Sometimes it pays to switch up the working environment and get those creative juices flowing. With this in mind, I took to The Standard and enjoyed a lovely pot of green tea. This followed a rather indulgent breakfast at my favourite, Passion.

In the evening, Pete, Hayley and I went to Itaca to try out some of its best dishes and cocktails.

Itaca | San Antonio

An array of Asian cuisine was presented. Whether it be on your stroll to or from O Beach, or a daytime walk along the promenade, Itaca's prominent location serves it well. It's a convenient spot for a drink or light bite if you're based in San An.

Dressed, make-up on, ready to go to PIV at Cova Santa, the winds turned and somehow I ended up sitting indoors watching a movie. Though disappointed I didn't end up dancing in the hills of San José, it was probably a good thing as tomorrow was going to be one for the books...

Wednesday 6 September

Today was probably one of the days I've been most excited about the whole summer: Keinemusik On The Beach at Cala Gracioneta. After an incredible night at Pacha at the start of summer for the first KM takeover, I knew it would be another amazing day of music and the best vibes.

With a whole crew in force, we started with a few drinks by our pool and then made the short trip down to the bejewelled cove for 18:00. I said to myself beforehand, I hope I don't end up missing my favourite track of theirs, Les Gout. Walking down the beach, my ears pricked as I heard it in the distance. I raced down without a moment's though to wait for the others. 

We danced with the sand between our toes and our hands in the air, all the way to 22:30.

Visiting backstage a few times, we found the likes of Martin Garrix, Butch and Christian from Mambo Bros, who all looked like they were having the time of their lives. Loads of DJs and industry heads were there and it was just the perfect spot for it.

Lissy Lü in real life

I hope the chiringuito does more events like this there in the future - all the better, because it raised over €60,000 for local charity APNEEF, which supports people with special needs living on Ibiza and Formentera.

I did have my eye on the exclusive dated merch. However, I nearly suffered an aneurysm when I saw the price tag!

We did end up leaving before the end, but the night wasn't done yet. Not even by a long shot. To be continued...

Thursday 7 September

About last night...

We were sad to leave keinemusik early, but we had good reason. After a quick change at the villa, we shot off to Hï Ibiza for my debut in the Wild Corner!!!

Naturally, I was feeling a little apprehensive, so I didn't publicise it much beyond my inner circle. The nerves were real and us running behind schedule only added to them.

With two minutes to spare, we were welcomed, ushered in and led to the most notorious toilets on the island. Probably a good thing, as I would've been even more nervous if I had to wait around. Determined not to overthink it, I plugged in my USB and just went with it.

Lissy Lü in real life

The half an hour flew by and any fear I had soon went out the window.

Afterwards, we caught some of Fish and ended up staying way past our curfew. I'm proud I did it and didn't let anxiety get the better of me. All the feedback has been amazing. It meant a lot to get words of encouragement, not only from Danny, but from people like Camden Cox who also came along to show support.

Top tip for anybody else about to embark on doing your first gigs: make sure to prepare, stay focused and be confident about the tracks you're going to play. It will go smoothly if you prep sufficiently and know your music folder inside-out.

Next week, it's House In Paradise at O Beach. Eek! Please come down if you're on the island.

Saturday 9 September

Once again, the UK beckoned. Taking a couple of days away from the island, I left my laptop in Ibiza so I could really switch off. This, however, would not be a typical reason to be flying home for the weekend.This weekend, it was the wedding of Calvin Harris and Vick Hope!

With no outfit to wear, yesterday I hit Oxford Street as soon as I got back to London. After five and a half hours of traipsing around the shops and with only a paltry £100 budget, I found a brown cowl-neck dress in River Island of all places. I didn't even have time try it on.

Early this morning, the 08:00 train from Kings Cross station took us all the way to Newcastle. Until now, Leeds, where I studied at uni, was the furthest north I'd been in all my life!

With the ceremony starting at 14:00, I tried on the dress and it fitted like a glove. There was no plan B had it not. I breathed a sigh of relief. The hotel was full of accompanying guests and we soon made friends. Nobody had any clue of the actual wedding venue or what to expect.

Mini vans arrived to ferry everyone to the mystery location. At the request of the happy couple and to preserve the privacy of their A-list guests, all attendees had to lock their phones away in pouches. This means, no exclusive photos I'm afraid. Let your imaginations run wild. I mean, it was Calvin Harris' wedding - what more is there to say? You can picture the sheer scale of it.

Lissy Lü in real life

Needless to say, Vick looked absolutely incredible. While I would love to go into more detail, I have to respect their privacy wishes. What I can say, is this was the beginning of what was one of the most beautiful days I've ever experienced.

A few of the fellow guests I had the pleasure of meeting included Vernon Kay, Craig Charles, Donae'o and Scott Mills.

Yes, I'm a shameless name-dropper, if you hadn't already noticed by now.

Lissy Lü in real life

There was so much attention to detail, thought and love poured into every aspect of their special day, without an ounce of pretentiousness. Everything was done to perfection. Just two normal people in love, enjoying their special day together amongst their nearest and dearest.

Thirsty for more misadventures in clubland? The next entry from Lissy Lü's dancefloor diary is online now.

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