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Staff picks: Steve's five parties to look forward to in 2023

Our nightlife editor hits us with his personal highlights as we enter September.

Doesn't time just fly when you're having fun? Doubly true on Ibiza, as philosophers and holidaymakers alike will be quick to tell you.

It's been a while since my colleagues submitted their party picks. Some might accuse me of procrastination, but I'll claim that I've simply been biding my time. Seeing as we're now in September AKA Ibiza's best clubbing month, I think I've timed my entry to perfection.

Even though the end of the summer season is now a visible reality, the very best parties and line-ups are reserved for this period. Here are my highlights, all happening in the next 30 days.

Gaya Brisa | Namasté | Akasha

Gaya Brisa | Namasté | Las Dalias & Akasha | 6 September

Although a clubber through and through, as I get older, my sensibilities are starting to change (and my tolerance levels start to lower). That's why I'm increasingly drawn to the sanctuary that is Las Dalias and Akasha in Ibiza's north. Off the beaten track, yes, but all the better for it.

I've never had anything other than a great time there. You can guarantee on incredible music and a great crowd, absent of casual observers. Everybody there is there because they know!

... and yet, scandalously, I've still yet to attend the venue's most famous party. This must be put right. Namasté has been throwing colourful day-to-night fiestas since 1998.

Who better to break my Namasté cherry than one of the organisers and long-term resident DJs Gaya Brisa. No danger of hearing any chart fodder here. Simply amazing, obscure music to lose yourself in. MORE INFO | BUY TICKETS

Hannah Laing | Ben Hemsley Pool Party | Ibiza Rocks

Hannah Laing | Ben Hemsley Pool Party | Ibiza rocks | 10 September

Serving a curveball next. I think I'm entitled to one.

Hannah Laing isn't a DJ who I'd typically describe as playing music I usually listen to. However, having caught her at Ben Hemsley's opening party at the start of August, I cannot argue with the energy that she brings. She had a sold-out Ibiza Rocks jumping at 16:00.

Trends in music are cyclical. Love it or hate it, few people can argue that this fast-paced style of dance music that echoes Happy Hardcore and Hard Trance is enjoying its spot in the sun once again. Let the kids enjoy it.

Ben Hemsley has proven one of the success stories of summer and Hannah fits the bill as his ideal guest. MORE INFO | BUY TICKETS

Shanti Celeste B2B Saoirse

Shanti Celeste b2b Saoirse | The martinez Brothers | Hï Ibiza | 17 September

For me, the back-to-back format seems to have become a bit of a marketing spin. Too often, I see two superstar names wedged together and I'm left wondering how on Earth their two styles can be compatible. Most I tend to give a wide berth to. But not this one.

Shanti Celeste b2b Saoirse has exactly what I'm looking for in a DJ pairing: two best friends vibing off each other and exposing me to new music that they love. You just know it's gonna be alchemical between them.

You're much more likely to catch this tandem at a sweaty basement club in East London or at some cool festival stage. They've already played fabriclondon, Barcelona's Brunch Electronik and even the Victoria & Albert Museum together. Kudos to Hï Ibiza and The Martinez Brothers for delivering such an unexpected gift.


Britta Arnold

Britta Arnold | NiiWA | Club Chinois | 21 September

Living and working on Ibiza, I know better than anybody that it can be easy to get caught in the cycle of seeing the same DJs over and over again. It's a trap I'm guilty of slipping into.

Cautious to pull myself back to a mentality of discovery instead of habit, my next pick has been on my "to see" list for a while.

Britta Arnold is well established in Berlin's underground scene, but like many similar artists, she rarely gets booked to play Ibiza. Thankfully, the forward-thinking booking policy at Club Chinois' NiiWA puts that right.

Anybody who comes recommended by our long-term forum member jimmiz is always worth checking out. Thanks for the tip mate!


Lissy Lübeck

Lissy Lübeck | House In Paradise | O Beach | 13 September

I needed to save a good one for last - and I couldn't think of better. My final spot could only ever be our own Lissy Lü. The clubbing queen swaps the dancefloor for the DJ booth to make her O Beach debut at House In Paradise on Wednesday 13 September.

Lissy, it has been a privilege working with you, living with you and partying with you. You're my best friend and I'm so proud of what you have accomplished this summer. You deserve this. I know you're going to seize the moment and relish every minute up there behind the decks.

We will be there in force, supporting you and cheering you on. Better get working on that playlist. I want to be cutting some serious shapes. After party at ours?


Need any further recommendations? Lissy, Jo, Sasha and Hayley's picks are also online now.

Head to our party calendar for full line-ups and tickets, as well as a week-by-week schedule of all clubs across the island.

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