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Staff picks: Hayley's five parties to look forward to in 2023

Our social media manager chooses five from the party calendar.

Searching through our party calendar, you realise just how much Ibiza offers. It made me emotional about just how spectacular this island is and what opportunities we have to get our rave on each summer.

Did you know, over 90 parties a week are laid on? Yep. That's a lot of dancing and a lot of late nights that a lady in her 40s must prepare accordingly for. Hence the reason my selection is spread across the entire summer. One can't crash and burn in June.

However, I also see the weeks drifting away in the breeze. Summer can evaporate far too quickly, with missed opportunities from heatstroke and alcohol induced late nights. Before you know it, the night (and DJ) has been and gone until next season looms. 

So along with this article comes my commitment to each of the below.

Eric Prydz | Hï Ibiza

Eric Prydz presents HOLO opening party | Hï Ibiza | 3 July

Memories from my first year as a worker are a little hazy, however there is one that still remains unforgotten. Eric Prydz at Amnesia. For some odd reason, I haven't seen him since, which is a massive fail considering all my years on the island.

All these years on, his pushing Progressive Techno sets are now held within production masterpieces, eclipsing anything I've seen before. For the 3 July HOLO opening party at Hï Ibiza, Adam Bayer joins him in The Theatre, another Tech big gun.

I'm looking forward to seeing the handover between this pairing.


Image by Daddy's Got Sweets

Clockwork Classical | FECOEV Recinto Ferial | 23 July

Those who know me would be in little doubt that this would sit in my top list for this summer.

When Clockwork Orange's Ibiza summer dates launch, my annual leave is immediately requested. With six full days of different parties to contend with, it's best to err on the side of caution. Speaking from experience.

This summer, Danny and Andy have gone above and beyond as the Clockwork Classical becomes the curtain call with the help of a 30-piece orchestra conducted by Matthew Freeman.

Held at Recinto Ferial on Sunday 23 July, this will be a well orchestrated mash up of those old school anthems and classics, with a high-brow classical twist. Old hands Mark Knight, Brandon Block, Alex P and original Toni Oneto are also on hand. It's going to be a memory maker.


Ida Engberg & Sasha | Mystik | Club Chinois

Ida Engberg and Sasha | Mystik | Club Chinois | 5 September

A long time favourite from my early clubbing years, Sasha is another DJ I've been dying to revisit. I'm filled with envy whenever friends tell me of another great set they've experienced at his hands. Those deep, driving, progressive tracks that just go on and longingly on.

Before you know it, it's 06:00 and you're still waiting for the break. I'm getting chills thinking about it.

Our Mystik hostess and Techno minx, Ida Engberg is a draw in herself. This little dinky Swede creating dancefloor carnage, is so unsuspecting but always spot on. With the two of them holding this night at Club Chinois, I can't wait to see the fusion and journey we'll be taken on.



Monolink | Bedouin present Saga | Pacha | 27 September

After discovering Sirens thanks to a Spotify suggestion, I've been following Monolink with eagerness since. Every track he makes feels like a life lesson with drifting hypnotic overtones and a driving bassline when needed. Have you heard Father Ocean?

I tend to feel retrospective, yet enthusiastic about life after listening to him. Deep, right?

He also has fantastic dress sense. Think Burning Man chic fused with Ibiza islander tassels and sandy toned pants. It's a style that aligns perfectly within the Bedouin spirit. Regardless of his music I'd still book him. His wide brimmed hat fits so beautifully against the Pacha decor.


Dixon | Solomun +1 | Pacha

Dixon | Solomun +1 closing party | Pacha | 15 October

I caught Dixon at Pacha for the opening weekend and so it only seems appropriate that he closes my summer too. This, and the fact that it was one of the best nights I've had in recent years.

Not a "banger" in sight, but yet I remained glued to the dancefloor as we were guided on an all encompassing journey by this musical maestro. It was stunning.

Frankly, Solomun by himself would have enough pull. The Techno authoritarian is one of a kind with his staunch approach to his parties. There's never any doubt how it's going to go down especially when you see the fist begin to pump, you just know something big is about to drop.


Thou shall not let a great party pass me by. Summer 2023 is looking pretty tasty. Rave on.

For further recommendations, Jo, Lissy, Sasha and Steve's picks are also online now.

Head to our party calendar for full line-ups and tickets, as well as a week-by-week schedule of all clubs across the island.

HEADER IMAGE | by Raul Sanchez

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