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Season preview | Saturday daytime ANTS at Ushuaïa

Ibiza's busiest daytime session turns ten years old.

About ANTS

Back in 2013, ANTS started life as a party to give back to the island's dedicated community of workers, catering to underground music lovers in the know. With its sleek monochrome look and pioneering approach, ANTS became an instant hit and the colony grows year-on-year.

As well as its packed Saturday daytime sessions each week at Ushuaïa (Ibiza's busiest on numbers), ANTS also hosts parties and festival stages around the world. But it's here at Ushuaïa where the colony feels most at home - and no wonder, after ten majestic years.

Curious to learn more? We answer the big questions: when? where? who? and how?


Every Saturday daytime, from 6 May to 30 September | 15:00 'til 23:00

ANTS | Ushuaïa

Just over a decade ago, Saturdays on Ibiza didn't mean the busiest day of the week.

Most DJs took big fees to play weekend shows elsewhere in Europe and most holidaymakers stayed for at least a week, typically arriving and departing on Saturdays. Ergo, compared to the other six days, Saturdays were a bit of an afterthought where partying was concerned.

Oh, how things change.

Today, Saturdays are blockbusters. What a difference ten years make. Saturdays are now as strong here as they are in any clubbing destination around the world - and much of that change in fortune can be attributed to the work of the ANTS colony. Many hands make light work.


Palatial party hotel Ushuaïa - found at the south end of Playa d'en Bossa.

ANTS | Ushuaïa

Capable of holding up to 7,000 rave-ready holidaymakers, Ushuaïa is the ultimate outdoor party experience. You're highly likely to fly over the club as you land, so get a good glimpse peering out of your window seat. Hours later, you could be stood below with your arms in the air.



Well, (one of) the beautiful thing about ANTS is that it doesn't rely on one sole DJ name.

Instead, the party can pick and choose from a global pool of House and Techno talent.

One week you might get Loco Dice, the next Richy Ahmed. It almost doesn't matter who's playing to an extent, because you're guaranteed a vibe, sound and energy that is distinct to ANTS no matter who is on the line-up. 

ANTS | Ushuaïa

Contradicting ourselves ever so slightly, ANTS does have a team of resident DJs and then also a second tier of regular spinners who appear frequently throughout the season.

Andrea Oliva leads the colony from the front and has been involved since the beginning. Francisco Allendes and Raul Rodriguez have been his understudies for a while, but this year Nic Fanciulli, Vintage Culture, Syreeta and Chelina Manuhutu formally join the ranks too.

ANTS | Ushuaïa

Then you can nearly always count on one or more of Kölsch, Joris Voorn and Solardo to be in the mix.

What we're saying, in no uncertain terms, is that every date is like a festival line-up - and that's pretty apt given Ushuaïa sprawling layout, vast stage and production capabilities.

Last year's anthem of summer

Jimi Jules | My City's On Fire | Innervisions

Strongest week?

The opening party (6 May) is pretty darn spectacular. However, the date that falls over BBC Radio 1 weekend tends to be a summer stand-out. This year it falls on 29 July and is suitably stacked with talent, including DJs from the station. Pete Tong and Arielle Free represent.

Also on the bill are Solardo, LF System and the Dunmore Brothers, while Andrea Oliva and Patrick Topping close with a back-to-back.

Look out for

Morph-suited drones scuttle through the crowd. It's high-jinx every Saturday at Ushuaïa.

ANTS | Ushuaïa

Anything else interesting?

Only the first three editions, 6, 13 and 20 May, going day & night and continuing over the road at sister club Hï Ibiza. Organisers The Night League trialled this format last summer and it proved so successful, it's back by the power of three this term. Click here for more details.

A set to get you in the mood

Ten years strong, you say? Well, let's go right back to the very start with the main man Andrea Oliva!

Ibiza Spotlight's top tip

Arrive early and experience the small DJ booth at the rear of Ushuaïa. The main stage only opens 19:00-19:30, but it's well worth getting down for the first few hours. I mean, why wouldn't you? This is a day party after all, so make the most of dancing in the sun.

Secondly, it's a totally different experience and feels like you get two doses of clubbing wrapped into one.

ANTS | Ushuaïa


That's the easy bit: simply by heading below and securing your tickets.

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Should you change your mind for any reason (illness? change of holiday dates? just, because...) you are entitled to a full refund, just as long as you cancel the tickets in your account at least 24 hours before the start of the party. No questions asked. You don't even need to talk to a human.

Tickets are on sale now.

ANTS listings - 2023


ANTS Opening Party | Daytime

ANTS continues over the road at neighbouring Hï Ibiza at 23.00 h - make sure you have the right ticket

ANTS | Daytime

ANTS continues over the road at neighbouring Hï Ibiza at 23.00 h - make sure you have the right ticket

ANTS | Daytime

ANTS continues over the road at neighbouring Hï Ibiza at 23.00 h - make sure you have the right ticket

ANTS Closing Party

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