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Key weekly residencies revealed by Pacha Ibiza

A handful of gaps remain, but for the most part the 50th year calendar is complete.

Pacha had been keeping disconcertingly coy until now, but we knew it had all been a ruse. It's her fiftieth year - and you better believe she's making a song and dance about it. We'll be more than happy to celebrate the milestone with the glamorous ol' gal throughout summer 2023.

From Friday through to Thursday, Pacha is making sure every night of the week is a birthday party in its own right.

Last summer was super successful. The things that worked well, worked incredibly well, so it's little surprise that almost the full programme is back, but tweaked ever so slightly.

That's not to say there's nothing new - earlier this week we got confirmation of a big revelation. Just in case you're still in the dark about that, we'll keep quiet at this point so you get a nice surprise further on.

If you're still reading - and why wouldn't you be? - we'll assume you're eager to find out more.

Music On | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

Music On | Fridays

12 May to 13 October

Last summer, Music On moved into its traditional Friday night slot and, we have to say, it felt like order had been restored. Not least because the party romped home and became Pacha's most popular party.

A full dancefloor and a full VIP - that's the Marco Carola effect right there.

The party talisman is still the star attraction who everybody comes to see, but last year he also treated crowds by inviting the likes of Michael Bibi, The Martinez Brothers and Joseph Capriati to join him. Those dates when they buddied up were just insane.

The night is more vocal House and "Deep-Tech" with the odd edit of something familiar thrown in and almost always ending on a crowd-pleaser, rather than Techno nowadays. What hasn't changed is the groove and, you know what, it works. The numbers speak for themselves.

This night is colossal.


Claptone presents The Masquerade | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

The Masquerade | Saturdays

13 May to 14 October

Both starting and then finishing the night after Music On, is The Masquerade. Brought to you by the elusive entertainer Claptone it really is a modern-day version of the decadent masked balls of Renaissance-era Venice. Let's check the parallels:

  • high-society - check. They don't call Pacha's Saturday night crowd the glitterati for no good reason
  • a lil' bit saucy - check. Erm, hello, have you seen the artwork with the bountiful lips pursing the cherries? Now that's sex appeal
  • full of intrigue - check. Be prepared to be lured in, seduced but left wanting more
  • an eccentric host - check. Shape-shifting Claptone is a modern-day Great Gatsby
  • the psychology of the mask - check. It hides a multitude of sins, yet allows you to explore your true self

Yes, The Masquerade is everything it's shaped up to be and more. A multi-textured night that demands you leave your inhibitions at the door and immerse yourself in this dramatic setting.


Solomun +1 | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

Solomun +1 | Sundays

28 May to 15 October

Sundays show no signs of slowing down. They are Solomun's domain. The big Bosnian raises the curtain on Pacha's fiftieth year at the Grand Opening Party at the end of April. Then exactly a month later, he gets his own residency underway.

The +1 format is as beautiful as it is simple. Put two great DJs together and give them an extended play time each. Stand back and enjoy.

While other parties go for quantity, Sunday nights at Pacha make quality the king. Not that a slimline line-up is reflected on the dancefloor - it's shoulder-to-shoulder, wall-to-wall, but always good vibes (and worth staying to the end for the back-to-back when the magic really happens!)


Flower Power | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

Flower Power | Mondays

22 May to 2 October (except 26 June & 3 July)

Flower Power is a Pacha institution and has been going almost as long as the club has. It's one of the most famous parties on the island, loved and adored by islanders perhaps more than any other party. The paradox is that outside of Ibiza, it enjoys a very low profile.

Perhaps it's the fact that it's powered by Rock music of the '60s, '70s and '80s, rather than electronic music? Perhaps it's because dressing up in fancy dress is looked down upon as a bit naff back home? Perhaps because it's hard to feel silly, free, and filled with love in your grey everyday life? In which case, we empathise. You poor overworked, underappreciated things.

Flower Power is made by and for the flower children generation, channelling the free love principle of the hippy movement. Put a daisy in your hair and get down to the sounds of Victor Nebot and Sergio Vicedo.


CAMELPHAT | Tuesdays

23 May to 3 October

The only real change in the weekly schedule and it's Earth-shattering...

Very few artists have had the global impact of CAMELPHAT these past five years. Ever since their hit single Cola dominated the airwaves here in summer 2017, the duo have been hot property in each subsequent season.

After the success of their debut album and tour of the same name, Dark Matter, the follow-up had to go even bigger. That is scheduled to drop anytime now, so 2023 is a massive year for the prolific producers. Tuesday nights at Pacha will be an invitation to their universe.

That link-up coinciding with the club's 50th year is like the proverbial unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. It's gonna be out of this world.


Bedouin present Saga | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez


24 May to 4 October (except 2 August)

Rami and Tamer have a story to tell and you're invited to listen in. Are you sitting comfortably? Maybe better if you stand anyway. Soon your feet will be operating independently of your mind.

Close your eyes and let your imagination run away from you...

The scent of Middle Eastern perfumes wafting across the dancefloor, the finest silks hanging from the ceiling, a belly dancer cavorting seductively and Bedouin and guest's absorbing soundscape sucking you into a world halfway between reality and the surreal. Like the characters between the pages of a book, that is how Saga plays out.

Anybody into the Deep House sound that has become synonymous with Burners and desert raves should look no further for a party.


Pure Pacha presents Robin Schulz | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

Pure Pacha presents Robin Schulz | Thursdays

11 May to 5 October

Polish those cherriesPure Pacha does exactly what it says on the tin. It's all of Pacha's qualities, ethos and quirks, bottled into a pressurised canister and sprayed haphazardly around on Thursday nights. It's Pacha's shop window, but it also comes with a great lineage of DJs.

Excuse while we name-drop some of the party's past hosts: Pete Tong, Sander Kleinenberg, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig... quite a roll-call.

Last year the honour went to Robin Schulz, who was being prepped for the role for years (he was understudy to David Guetta on Thursdays for many seasons and even used to deputise back when David used to take all of September off!)

Since not only has Schulz been invited back for a second summer, he's also been given a full summer. That should tell you all you need to know about how successful it was. Schulz was made for it. Plus he pulled in super guests, from Jonas Blue to Jax Jones, Bakermat to Mel C.


Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

As for those gaps (five in total across three parties if our observation is right), stay tuned for more news soon. Even then, that's still not everything. C'mon, it's the fiftieth year and, yes, Lady Pacha will be behaving appallingly, as well she's entitled! As for the extra bits, all in good time...

Tickets for all the above parties are on sale now and can be bought by clicking through the corresponding links.

Alternatively, head to our party calendar and filter your dates. See you on the dancefloor.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Michael Poselski and Raul Sanchez

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