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DJs who levelled up during Ibiza 2022

The guys and girls who took things up a gear last summer.

Each year, several DJs exit summer with their stock worth more than when they entered. We're not talking about your Marco Carolas, Solomuns or David Guettas - those calibre DJs already hold superstar status. No, we're talking about DJs who levelled up.

Many of them are fresh-faced and only started their DJ journey within the last few years. On the flip side, some have been plying their trade for decades but for whatever reason, are only starting to get their dues now.

There's even some who are more than established, but defied the critics by registering outstanding seasons.

As we rapidly chase down the 2023 season, we're taking a quick look over our shoulder and reminding ourselves of which DJs stood out and dominated in 2022.

Arielle Free | Future Rave | Hï Ibiza

Arielle Free

picked by Lissy

Arielle Free played at numerous venues across the island last summer including Café Mambo, Eden and Ushuaïa. Most prominently of all, she absolutely smashed her very first Ibiza residency at David Guetta and MORTEN's Future Rave.

Every Friday she tore up Hï Ibiza's Theatre with her high-energy flair and unbeatable charisma

Away from the booth, she also started producing her own tunes in 2022 - one of her releases, You Can't Stop Me, is her in a nutshell. Unstoppable, the catchy dance anthem evokes a sense of let-loose euphoria. Every time we hear it, we can picture her playing to a packed out crowd.

We hope she's back and firing on all cylinders this summer - and we see no reason why she won't be.

DJ Policy | You Know The Vibes | Es Paradis

DJ Policy

picked by Hayley

Demand for Hip-Hop and R&B nights peaked across the island in 2022. In San Antonio, DJ Policy flew the flag highest.

Not content with one venture, DJ Policy bounced about the town bringing the flavour to land and sea. His efforts and energy have been duly noted by those on the musical casting couch and he's been deservedly rewarded with a full throttle schedule for season 2023.

Those who've seen the man in action will know, he's an inferno of energy that leaves the dancefloor LIT. Thanks to his skills, I've created a few scenes on the dancefloor. Although I'll be back this summer like a glutton for punishment, there's a note to self to at least try to keep things a little more civilised.

This year he hosts his baby The Vibes every Monday at Es Paradis, but I understand that's not all he'll be taking on. Expect further news soon from Ibiza's hardest working DJ.

Dunmore Brothers | Defected | Eden

Dunmore Brothers

picked by Lissy

For older brother Louie and younger Lucas, 2022 was just the beginning for the two super motivated and passionate talents who form the Dunmore Brothers.

It's a special sight witnessing the brothers play together. Their close bond shines through. Not only are they travelling the world playing at some of the planet's best clubs, their unique productions are becoming recognised by their peers across the scene.

On top of that, they're two of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Unavoidable shouts of nepotism come with the territory. In actuality, knowing Simon as we do, his boys will have to work harder than anyone else to earn their stripes. And let's be honest, they could scarcely have had better tutelage.

Now Simon's winding down and is threatening DJ retirement, the Dunmore Brothers carry the family heirloom in their own modern and stylish way. That's quite a weight, but a responsibility they are thriving under.

With Louie heavily involved in Defected's Afro House sub-label Sondela and Lucas about to start a music production course at uni in London, they're a powerhouse in the making.

Marco Faraone | Amnesia

Marco Faraone

picked by Steve

Few DJs displayed the breadth of Marco Faraone's repertoire last summer. Most of his appearances came at Amnesia, but even at Cova Santa he showcased an acute willingness to leave no stone unturned.

Signed to island-based Electric Ibiza artist management, the agency has provided a great springboard for the Italian.

We can't recall the last DJ who managed to weave soul, groove, melody and bass into his sets as balanced and coherently as Marco Faraone. No matter if you wanted it thumping, euphoric, raw or more nuanced, Faraone seemed to have it all at his disposal in 2022.

The very best DJs are not only versatile, but also have the cunning ability to pleasantly surprise you. The Uncage label head certainly did that.

Paco Osuna | Now Here | Hï Ibiza

Paco Osuna

picked by Steve

Many names on this list are up-and-comers, but Paco Osuna falls firmly into the category of veteran. The Night League threw a lot of support behind him, but would that commitment pay off? Despite his credentials, he's never been viewed as box office - until last summer, that is.

At the Hï Ibiza Opening Party, he was given the dubious distinction of closing both the Club Room and later The Theatre. Given the size of the line-up, that was a bit of a head scratcher. The fact that he was given the same responsibility agan five months later at the Closing Party tells you just about all you need to know.

However, it was the period in between where he really made his mark felt. While The Martinez Brothers held down the main room, Paco Osuna ruled over the adjacent Club Room. Not only did he hold his own, but the room was frequently packed from start to finish.

It underlined the importance of programming to a dual audience. If The Theatre was an international crowd, then the locals came in roaring support of their countryman.

Moving forward, TNL has big plans for Paco. That much is a given.

Paul Reynolds | Future Rave | Hï Ibiza

Paul Reynolds

picked by Hayley

Paul Reynolds is the man responsible for setting the Wild Corner alight at Hï Ibiza every Saturday in 2022, turning the toilets into a destination in their own right. Not bad when you consider Black Coffee and Damian Lazarus were hosting the two other rooms.

With huge success as David Guetta's right-hand man as well, Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza did well to get him on their payroll. This year he's back for more with the Bossa two and I can only imagine the carnage after the word has spread more this winter.

Late last summer, weary and worse for wear, I found myself fighting through the crowds to get a spot (and a good shot for Instagram!). Bothersome at first, I quickly forgot, as the crowd and Paul's exuberant energy got me swiftly back into my dancing stride.

Of course we have to mention his role in the island's most loved quartet: Melon Bomb.

The island boys know how to bring it and had regular fixtures at Glitterbox on Sundays and Pikes throughout the season.

Paul's experience as one of Space's legendary residents will be put to good use when Melon Bomb host the Tanit Beach Ibiza opening party on Good Friday. Those in the know will be on the beach en masse to mark the start of season 2023.

As for me, I'm equally as excited for more el baños beats this coming summer. 

Sonny Fodera, Gorgon City & Danny Howard | Amnesia

Sonny Fodera, Gorgon City & Danny Howard

picked by the whole team

Arguably already much more established than the rest of the names on the list, the truth is that question marks were still raised as to whether they could carry the torch on Mondays at Amnesia. Six months later, it was safe to say all doubt was dispelled after a fine debut year.

Amnesia switching to a wider-appeal format was initially viewed with scepticism by some.

The established Cocoon and its replacement Pyramid had a loyal following, but even they struggled head-to-head with the dominance of Circoloco. The former haemorrhaged attendees in its final years, while Pyramid switched nights. Looking back now, Amnesia made absolutely the right choice in moving away from direct competition and going down a different route.

Underground clubbers may have turned their nose up, but the numbers spoke for themselves. Not only did Amnesia Presents perform above expectation, but it was one of the few parties where the male:female ratio split fell favourably to the fairer sex.

Well done, boys. Really well done. That's a great launchpad heading into 2023.

Syreeta | Paradise | Amnesia


picked by Steve

Few DJs put themselves about as much as Syreeta last summer. The DJ notched up appearances at just about every underground party on the island, from openings right the way through to closings. On her tick-list was ANTS, Circoloco, elrow, Music On and Paradise.

Though perhaps it was representing HE.SHE.THEY. that meant the most to her personally, as the LGBTQIA community finally got an inclusive party back inside one of the island's super-clubs.

Although Syreeta is widely regarded as one of the best emerging DJs in the game, Ibiza is sometimes a different ball game which doesn't always follow suit. After being the talk of the festival circuit the last few years, Syreeta cracked Ibiza too, proving she's a definitive all-rounder.

The talents mentioned above were far from the only ones who broke through in 2022. They were simply the names that kept continually coming up in team conversations throughout summer.

While of much higher profile than the names on the above list, we'd also like to take this moment to recognise the efforts of Joseph Capriati, Michael Bibi and The Martinez Brothers.

All of them already had their own very successful residencies, but the recurring theme was that wherever they played, the crowds would follow. Any combination of the two resulted not only in a sell-out, but a roadblock. Truly the champions of Ibiza 2022.

WORDS | by Stephen Hunt, Lissy Lübeck and Hayley Morgan
PHOTOGRAPHY | by Mario Pinta and PHRANK

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