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Lissy's dancefloor journal | Third entry

Partying as a profession is a hard life... but somebody's got to do it!

Top raver, booth lurker and our very own AM to PM girl, Lissy Lübeck shares her thoughts and inner musings from Ibiza's clubland.

Ahead of her return to the island for summer 2023, we're re-serialising her infamous dancefloor diary, continuing today. Catch up on the first entry and second entry.

This is my confession and sermon.

Wednesday 14 September

Rise and shine! It's 08:00 and I am showered and ready for the day.

It feels like I have a new brain. Off to theHUB to catch up on some work with the team. I opt for avocado and goats cheese this morning, alongside an Immune System juice (celery, ginger, apple, carrot and orange). The name alone sold it to me. Anything to make me feel a little healthy after the last few days…

Unfortunately, we couldn't go out on either the quad bikes or jet skis as intended due to the forecast bad weather. Boo. We'll have to arrange for another time. Saying this, adverse weather my ass…. it turned into a beautiful day. The weather in September is unpredictable.

I am tempted by Paradise tonight (though the same can be said of every week!)

Thursday 15 September

Wow, another night in. Not even Amnesia could drag me out.

Today is Mitchell's 29th birthday, now a dear friend of mine having met him at Defected a few months back. He will be staying in 'the cave'* tonight as he has to check-out of his villa this morning. All of his friends have gone home. In their absence, we need to ensure he has a great birthday, Ibiza style.

(* the cave is an out-building in the villa, fit as a subterranean lair for a deformed megalomaniac, or just an extra bedroom area for guests/a cool place to sleep off a hangover)

After meeting in San An, we pigged out on a full English breakfast, counter balanced with lots of fresh smoothie at Rio Ibiza. Back at mine, Mitch crashed and slept for five hours solid outside on the veranda. Fair to say that the week caught up with him.

Hostess duties momentarily suspended, I managed to crack on with a bit of work. Later I'm to interview Mason Collective.

He's alive. Mitch rose in time to head off to INNSiDE rooftop to chat with the boys from Manny. I know them well, so it was more like a catch up with friends rather than a formal interview, which took the pressure off.

Afterwards we hit Tapas with Steve and Hayley to treat Mitch for his birthday. The food there is sooo good. Highly recommended for a birthday or just a Thursday.

Friday 16 September

Last night at the restaurant, the waiters bought out a lovely cheesecake for Mitch with some 29 candles on it and we gave a rendition of "Happy Birthday" that would have Simon Cowell sinking into his chair.

The night took us on to Wi-Ki-Woo for further pre-drinks, then next to Golden Buddha. Nicole drove us to DC10 for Solid Grooves and it was amazing. I only went to the terrace to catch a quick glimpse of Loco Dice and Michael Bibi. Most of my time was spent at the front of a packed out main room watching the Mason boys smash it.

Solid Grooves

We stayed till 06:00, before deciding to get in the taxi queue ahead of everybody else. We waited an hour but we were drunk and made friends so it was funny. The rest of the crowd poured out at 06:30 and the queue was just horrendous.

We complained at the time, but in reality we made the right call bouncing that fraction early. This is what a season in Ibiza will teach you.

To say the rest of the day was a write-off, would be an understatement. I don't function on anything less than 8 hours sleep.

Saturday 17 September

Back in le game!

Made a TikTok this morning of my interview, the audio of which I now need to transcribe.. Fun (!) We've been approached to interview Chris Stussy which I'm internally over the moon about, but giving it pure poker face. Don't want to give too much away. Keep cool Lissy.

Sunday 18 September 

Wow, what an eventful evening. From Dalt Vila to Pacha to Hï Ibiza.

We had an amazing meal at La Tana in the Old Town, which was super lovely. We had incredible steak and the starters were to die for. A live band played outside the scenic restaurant and we made friends with the owner and even helped them make homemade pasta.

From there we moved onto Paradise Lost, which is perhaps Ibiza Town's best kept secret. The cocktails are out of this world.

Black Coffee | Hï Ibiza

Though we only spent around 20 minutes in Pacha's green room, we had to move on sharpish as Josh (Kilimanjaro) was keen to see Black Coffee.

In the end we only made it to Hï Ibiza at 05:30, but we got to catch the main man, so all good.

Monday 19 September

It's midday and the party is still going! We've regrouped at Nicole's gaff in Cala Tarida. Rooftop sessions. We watched the sunrise over the horizon. The heat was extraordinary. At around 14:00 we went downstairs for a dip in the communal pool.

Tim kindly extracted me and we headed to Es Cucó for some amazing chicken and chips - imagine a Balearic Nandos and you've got the right idea. It's one of my favourite places to eat here. Simple, very cheap but also guaranteed to hit the spot.

Food done, bed beckons.

Tim was DJing for a mate's villa party that evening. As tempting as the invite to join them was, I knew I needed to sleep in time for Repopulate Mars closing tomorrow. Lights out.

Tuesday 20 September

Me, Tim and James went to the pre-opening exhibition of Ibiza Arts Fair in Hï Ibiza's Secret Garden. They had a range of different art works dotted about. It was really interesting to see a variety of pieces, from sculptures, to hand drawn 6ft paintings and even a diamond stall.

I couldn't help but resist trying on a sapphire embedded ring shaped as a flower. To be fair, it was cheaper than expected at around €2,500. I could always go into my overdraft I suppose?

Ana then took me and Tim around the club. It's always cool to see one of your favourite clubs empty, as the only other time you see it is when they're full to the brim of ravers at 03:00.

After a quick pizza around the corner, Joey joined us before we met Nicole at Ushuaïa for CAMELPHAT and Solardo.


Admittedly, we did have a few drinks each at Ushuaïa, but I wasn't really paying too much attention as we weren't drinking to excess. Pulling out of Bossa at the roundabout, we were greeted by a police control and our stomachs sank.

I thought everything would be fine, but I was wrong. Our designated driver was over the limit. Not good.

We were asked to pull over and wait for what seemed like an hour and a half. In the end, a €250 fine was issued. I also took a breathalyser, which showed I was under the limit and meant I was able to drive the car back. 

Despite their reputation, the Guardia Civil were very polite and professional. I even managed to practise my Spanish. A lesson learned, eventually we were on our way to San Antonio, the wind a little taken out of our sails, but grateful that the punishment was not greater.

Repopulate Mars | Eden

Finally, we made it to Eden to catch Lee Foss close his first season back on the island in over ten years.

Unfortunately, the night took an unimaginable turn. At around 04:00 in the club, we received some absolutely heartbreaking news. It was a text that nobodysaw coming in a million years. Our beloved friend Jamie Roy had passed away.

After frantically calling around, it wasn't long before it was confirmed to be true. We were in disbelief and utterly heartbroken.

I don't want to dwell on his passing, but instead focus on how incredible Jamie was as a person.

At the beginning of the season, Nicole introduced me to him at a party.

From the moment I met him, he bought a light and energy that not many people have. His smile and his laugh were so infectious, I knew he was a great guy from that moment. Nicole always spoke so highly of him and it was clear to see why. 

From that first initial meeting, we spent several more occasions together, mostly in a club setting. From Amnesia to an after party at Pikes to his last Ibiza gig just over a week ago. Not only was he super kind, he was charming and absolutely hilarious.

I was always smiling when he was around.

During our last meeting, we spoke about the gigs he had coming up and he seemed so excited about what was to come. He also introduced me to Butch's new song Same Like Dope But Different. That will forever remind me of him now.

Still absolutely heartbroken, the days since have been horrendous. To see my best friend so broken, as well as so many of my other friends on the island alone. Everyone knew him and no one had a bad word to say about him.

He impacted my life in such a positive way over such a short period of time, so I can't imagine how he touched those closest to him.

I will miss his cheeky personality, the constant touching of his hair and even him rinsing all of my cigarettes. Not to mention, his insane talent for DJing and producing. A true superstar. He will never be forgotten.

All we can do now is live with his memory and be grateful that he graced our lives.

The next entry from Lissy's dancefloor journal will be published in a week's time.

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