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Ultimate Ibiza weekender | Spirituality and summer solstice

A spiritual itinerary.

Mystical islands don't come any more spiritual than Ibiza. At what other holiday destination can you party by night and live straight-edge by day?

There are specific weekends that stand out as having that extra "wow" factor when it comes to line-ups, but with summer solstice today, we think that this weekend could be considered an ultimate Ibiza weekenders for a different set of reasons.

If you are looking to escape reality and dance your troubles away, or tap into your inner self and channel the island's energy, nothing could be more of a getaway than an extended weekend break to Ibiza.

Those in-and-out Thursday to Sunday excursions to the island are often our favourite type.

Jet in, drop bags, then find a balance between partying and wellness in the space of 72 to 96 hours. Enlightening.

Summer solstice

Marking the longest day of the year, Tuesday 21 June is summer solstice. It's a day when the light shines for us all in unbounded measures. This occurs as the sun sits directly over the Tropic of Cancer, or as meteorologists will tell you, right over 23.5 degree north latitude.

For some this can be enjoyed by the simple act of lazing outside under the big blues for those extra minutes to soak up the sun. That is especially true here on Ibiza.

For others this marks a more noble point in their year. This is because summer solstice is often seen as a turning point - a gateway into a time when the energy shifts and we can celebrate the abundance of our lives and the beauty of our planet.

Our spirits are refreshed, renewed and buzzing with energy. We believe there is no better place in the world to celebrate that, than upon this magical rock we call Ibiza. A mecca not just for those sharing open hearted offerings, but those wanting to receive, Ibiza hosts some of the most creatively lit, energetically expansive experiences you can find.

For our second instalment, we're putting the period Thursday 23 June to Sunday 26 June under the spotlight.


Thursday 23 June | 16:00 | Cosmic Pineapple, Pikes Ibiza
Thursday 23 June | 20:00 | Fiesta de San Juan | San Juan
Friday 24 June | 18:30 | Friday sunset walk, Cala Salada to Cap Nunó
Friday 24 June | 23:00 | Akasha, Las Dalias, San Carlos
Saturday 25 June | 09:30 | Beach yoga, Beachouse, Playa d'en Bossa
Sunday 26 June | 17:00 | Woomoon, Cova Santa, San José

Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes

Held around the times of each month's full moon, Cosmic Pineapple is an event that truly epitomises creative, cosmic connection as the name suggests. Its chic home Pikes plays host to many bountiful and beautiful opportunities for you to unite, not just in your body and mind, but with the community that meet here to share their gifts. 

By day, therapists and magic makers rework your body and mind in the healing garden or lift your spirits high in magical ceremonies within the dome. As the night falls, dance under the stars poolside, before heading into Freddies disco until morning calls. More info

Fiesta de San Juan

The Fiesta de San Juan celebrates the birth of Saint John the Baptist and is celebrated island wide across 23 and 24 June each year. Ibizan families, residents and visitors come together, as processions light up the quaint town of San Juan and open the celebrations across these two days.

Traditional folk dancing and games take place throughout the streets, with stalls and creative local artists selling their wares.

Bonfires and fireworks are a theme that bond the community within this special celebration, and you can join hands with friends and strangers to jump across hot coals, if you dare!

Although San Juan is the main hub for these gleeful festivities, other towns and villages join with merrymaking and firework displays alongside. This is a charming and unique way to experience Ibiza beyond the tourist lens, and see the island at its heart. More info

Sunset walk Cala Salada to Cap Nunó

Have you experienced Ibiza's wilderness or coastline? A walk across Ibiza's natural landscape is amongst the best ways to unwind, produce happy hormones and see Ibiza in all her glory.

Originally starting as an offering to the local community, these stunning island walks are now open to all, meaning residents and visitors can share in the island's beauty together.

Taking in the sensational coastline and forest trails, Walking Ibiza are experts at guiding you to those hidden locations you might otherwise miss. Experts in the geography and nature of the island, the walks are not just an experience to move the body and take in the spectacular scenery, but to learn about the history and myths of Ibiza.

Friday evening's walk is a particular favourite stretch, from Cala Salada to Cap Nunó and is rated at medium.

All varying in length and difficulty, just know that whether you choose an amble or a hike, you can congratulate yourself at the finish line with a local vino or Hierbas in celebration. More info

Akasha at Las Dalias

Being the oldest, Las Dalias stakes a claim to being Ibiza's most important music venue. It's San Carlos location in the north of the island was where the original hippy settlement set-up camp.

Although the village has modernised, that mentality is still very evident from the shops to the cafés.

Las Dalias remains the beating heart of the community and whilst its programme has always stayed true to its roots, an exciting development emerged last year with new club space Akasha.

Programmed by Ibiza resident DJ Igor Marijuán, Akasha is an intimate club that does the history of Las Dalias justice with its assured programming. Friday 24 June is a case in point, as Igor invites guest headliner Tim Green to join him in the centrally positioned DJ booth for a night of deep, earthy House music. More info and tickets

Beach yoga at Beachouse

After dancing the night away in Akasha, you're going to want to blow away the cobwebs on Saturday morning and get back on that proverbial horse. Set your day up the right way with some yoga exercise.

Finding moments of calm amongst the heat and hordes that the summer brings to Ibiza, is where the magic lies. Not much can beat the experience of rising up into your warrior self, as your breath unites with the lapping waves before you.

Beachouse, located upon Playa d'en Bossa's sandy strip, offers that time and space.

Allow the sunshine to fill your soul and see what can be created when you open the body, mind and heart in a whole new way to the day ahead. These morning classes run every day and are donation based, with all proceeds going to an ocean protection charity. More info

Woomoon at Cova Santa

Cova Santa's hillside retreat is a beautiful open-air setting that creates an immersive escape from the hustle of the island. If you want to experience this most Balearic of venues at its best, then look no further than its flagship party Woomoon.

Built around the collective hippy commune ethos, Woomoon is a Sunday affair that invites you to love by the moon and live by the sun. With its live art and performance, market stalls and showcasing of some of the island's most imaginative creatives, Woomoon welcomes both residents and visitors into their family for each party. Even children are welcome.

Sunday 26 June is very special as one of the most cherished acts from Woomoon's past, Jan Blomqvist is back to play a live headline set. Fusing live vocals with dexterous synthwork, he's sure to create a special atmosphere under the sky.

With theatrics, live musicians as well as DJs, street food and spiritual guides, you can't help but be enthralled by this party that bursts with vibrancy. As the sound of drums fill the air, the stage becomes yours until the early hours amongst like-minded friends. More info and tickets

What a special way to round off this ultimate Ibiza weekender.

Get in the mood with our Deep House playlist...

Now that's what we call an ultimate Ibiza weekender. Keep your eyes out for more instalments coming soon.

Whenever you're planning on coming to Ibiza, head to our party calendar for clubbing options, or visit our event calendar for activities and cultural happenings. Filter your dates and get planning.

ADDITIONAL WORDS | by Stephen Hunt

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