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Season preview | Music On and volume up

What to expect on Fridays at Pacha.

Celebrating an applause-worthy ten years this summer, the almighty Marco Carola and his iconic Music On tribe make their return to Pacha for 2022. Moving from its 2019 Thursday slot, Friday nights have now been reclaimed by the heavyweight Italian.

Unlucky for some, but not us, Friday 13 May saw the opening party set the measuring yard for what's to come this summer.

Living up to, and maybe even exceeding its reputation as one of the most popular underground parties on the island, Music On wasted no time in reminding us why it's top dog.

Weighty guests

Every Friday has a completely unique line-up to keep you on your toes, jam-packed with numerous comrades from the DJ community.

Last week's opening party saw Canadian DJ Blond:ish as the guest, as well as Carola's compatriot LEON. Arguably, that was a gentle easing in compared to who's coming up later.

The roll-call of names playing throughout the season is impressive to say the least.

Luciano, Loco Dice and Ilario Alicante each have two dates. Then there's big spinning appearances from the likes of The Martinez Brothers, Joseph Capriati, Michael Bibi, Seth Troxler and Nic Fanciulli.

Eagle-eyes might spot two of Detroit's favourite sons, Stacey Pullen and Carl Craig, playing together (hello 22 July).

Until then, things continue this coming Friday, when Apollonia are in town on 20 May.

See how each week has the potential to sell-out?

The man himself

Carola, Carola, Carola.

It's an understatement to say that most attendees go to Music On to witness the God-like figure in the flesh. The party's selling point is really all about him. Carola has remained one of the most in demand DJs over the last two decades. His self-composed aura and extended sets draw crowds all around the globe.

With his style evolving a lot through the years, his fanatic patronage has certainly progressed with his sound, fully embracing his shift from Techno to more groovy vocal House sets.

One thing for sure, is that his cool exterior and stoic style of mixing never fails to enrapture his devoted mob.

Music from Late Replies, Supernova, Emanuel Satie and Jamie Jones put us in familiar territory. Tech House with serious groove.

Each week, Carola will be playing a minimum three hour set. What better way to close the night for those 07:00 Ibizan sunrises?

A fanatical fanbase

Last Friday proved how much Carola's avid cult-following adores him.

Pacha was full to the brim with eager Music On returnees as well as some fresh faces experiencing the Ibiza lifestyle for the first time. No doubt they had been told, Music On is the party to be at.

His entourage includes a large and loyal Italian contingent, but nobody is immune to Carola fever regardless of nationality. Just about every country in the world was represented on Friday. And black is still very much the attire of choice, no matter where you're from.

The VIP alone was filled with Marco fans who had made the trip especially for the occasion. And things weren't any different in the booth itself. Such was the crowd that gathered inside it, it's a wonder there was any space for actual DJs.

This bottleneck didn't stop Carola laying down his trademark groove in stylish fashion. If anything, he revelled in the mobbed scenes.

Despite it still being early May, it was brilliant to see Pacha spring back into its natural party rhythm as it welcomed back one of its most beloved assets.

The Music On roller coaster continues this Friday with Apollonia as guests.

For tickets to that and every other Friday, head below.

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