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Best places to watch EURO 2020 on Ibiza

Our handy guide on where to catch the games this June and July.

Postponed for a year, EURO 2020 finally kicks-off this Friday 11 June. Underdogs Turkey are set to take on footballing giants Italy in the opening game.

After one of our local clubs, UD Ibiza, clinched promotion to the Segunda little over a fortnight ago, it's fair to say that football fever has already gripped the island. This tees things up nicely for the delayed competition.

Where to go then? This will depend heavily on which resort you're staying in, but your national allegiance and just how seriously you take your support might also play a factor.

Unique spots

So you're here for EURO 2020, are you? Lucky you. Seeing as you're on holiday, you may as well head somewhere that little bit special to experience the games.

It stands to reason you'll want to be outside to appreciate the warm evening air.

NUI Ibiza have created a purpose-built FANZONE, with a giant outdoor screen. It's brought to you by the same team behind the Game Over events, found on the estate behind IKEA in Ibiza Town, at the former B12. All-you-can-eat available.

NUI Ibiza's purpose-built FANZONE with giant outdoor screen

San Antonio's Sunset Strip is a great place to go to soak up the atmosphere at any time. Throw in nutmegs, margin offside calls and V.A.R. controversy - and that will only be magnified. Swap pints for cocktails at Mint Lounge, which opened last week and will be showing all matches.

Even for those drab nil-nil draws, you still have some beautiful scenery to look at. Expect more venues on the Sunset Strip to be added as more businesses open.

Harbour view restaurant Rio Ibiza is another good shout to watch the games. Check-out its Jack Daniel's rooftop barbeque grill. There won't be an empty stomach in sight, although this won't cure the butterflies if we head to a nervy penalty shoot-out.

3rd Half located in Hard Rock Hotel's air-conditioned basement

Rather something a little more traditional? In Hard Rock Hotel's basement, you will find its designated sports bar, 3rd Half. Boasting multiple large screens and stadium-like atmosphere, here is the ideal venue to get swept up in EURO fever.

Let's not forget though, you're on Ibiza after all. If you want to leave the footwork to the professionals on the pitch, get barefoot in the sand and sea, and watch the drama unfold at Nassau Beach Club. Maybe take a stroll inland, and catch the second half at Dunes, and lounge under its netted canopy?

For a really laid back environment, you'll find practically horizontal comfort at Tulp Beach Cafe. Think comfy sofas, perched bean bags and swinging hammocks. A good place to slouch after a day in the sun.

Carefree and chilled, but don't be surprised if the staff get especially animated everytime The Netherlands get on the counter attack with their total football!

Another Dutch stronghold showing matches is La Chickeria in Santa Gertrudis. Let's hope the football on display is as full of flavour as the restaurant's patented blend of 30 herbs and spices. Not overly hungry? Pick at a selection of side dishes whilst you watch the game.

Home nation spots

Sadly for England fans, the raucous scenes we usually see at Linekers will not grace the start of the competition. Due to the West End remaining closed in the short term, this also removes Kilties and The Highlander (Scottish bars) and Delilah's (Welsh) as options.

Fear not, though, there will be no football refugees here.

Instead, the Linekers crowd is being diverted to Itaca for the game against Croatia.

Jubilent scenes at Linekers like this will have to wait for the time being

Regardless of your allegiance (or neutrality), fans will be welcomed at Ibiza Rocks Bar. The popular diner on the promenade has one of the biggest screens on the island. Great for slow-motion replays. Don't worry about any overspill, there's plenty of choice nearby.

In close proximity, Palapa will also be showing the games. In San Antonio centre, workers' favourite hangout, The Fish, will be serving gourmet hotdogs and dishing out complimentary shots. Game on!

Further around the Bay, fans from the Home Nations should head to the brand new Plastik Bar. Opening on the first day of the tournament, demand is expected to be heavy for the England, Scotland and Wales games, so you may wish to book tables ahead of arrival.

The new and improved Plastik Bar in San Antonio Bay

England, Group D

Did somebody say, "it's comin' home"?

After nearly going all the way at 2018 World Cup before bottling it, how do England's chances stack-up at EURO 2020?

Graham Sahara: "I'm looking forward to an entertaining tournament. There's some really strong squads competing. Obviously France and Belgium look strong. I'd like to think England have as good a chance as any with our young and talented squad.

I've got loads of Scottish mates, so as long as we beat them I'll be happy! In the end, I suspect we'll make the quarters or semis before we'll go out on penalties as normal! Athough I'm not a betting man, I'd never bet against the Germans.

Secretly, I like to see all the home nations who qualified do well."

Group D's opener pits England against Croatia at 15:00 CET on Sunday 13 June
England vs Scotland | 21:00 CET | Friday 18 June
England vs Czech Republic | 21:00 CET | Tuesday 22 June

Scotland, Group D

After an absence of 23-years, Scotland have a presence at a major tournament yet again. Steve Clark guided his men to penalty shootout victory, in the play-off against Serbia to secure their spot.

Griff: "I cannot wait to see Scotland play in the EUROs this year. I don't follow club football, but when it comes to my home country, I get swept up in the buzz around it. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is the showdown between Scotland and England! It's gonna be class."

For alternative spots, Griff recommends check-outing Enigma and Cebo for the matches.

Scotland play Czech Republic in their opening Group D game at 15:00 CET on Monday 14 June
Scotland vs England | 21:00 CET | Friday 18 June
Scotland vs Croatia | 21:00 CET | Tuesday 22 June

Wales, Group A

Wales were the dark horses at EURO 2016 and so nearly broke English hearts. Their fantastic run to the semi-finals was one of a few highlights of an otherwise drab competition. Can a rejuvenated Gareth Bale inspire a repeat performance in 2021?

Wales begin their Group A campaign against Switzerland on Saturday 12 June, 15:00 CET
Wales vs Turkey | 18:00 CET | Wednesday 16 June
Wales vs Italy | 18:00 CET | Sunday 20 June

Unfortunately, EURO 2020 will be missing the vibrancy and optimism of the Republic of Ireland's emerald army, as well as neighbours Northern Ireland. Flaherty's on the Egg roundabout will still be showing all of the matches, with banter and craic never in short supply. Plus, Guinness on tap is always welcomed.

Flaherty's during the 2018 World Cup

No matter your colours, you're pretty spoilt for choice in San Antonio and San Antonio Bay. Other venues showing the matches include Pub Neptunos, OHIO and ULI Urban Lounge Ibiza.

Across the island in Playa d'en Bossa, you're also spoilt for choice.

Both Murphy's and Top 21 roadside of Jet Apartments, The Sports Café (opposite The New Algarb) or Moma are all good bets. Likely to work up a hunger? Ciao Ciao Pizzeria is the place to go for football and freshly prepared, piping hot pizza - an irresistible combo.

A little further up the coast, Coolture Bar in Figueretas will also be a EURO hub.

More predictions

To help build hype for the opening fixtures, we've rounded-up DJs who regularly play on Ibiza and asked them how they think their nation will fare. Who's ready for the showboat?

Coyu, Spain

Spain warmed-up with a nil-nil stalemate against Iberian Penisula neighbours Portugal, but the camp has been rocked by positive Covid results and Luis Enrique's bizarre decision to only select a 24 man squad. Suara's Big Cat, Coyu, isn't feeling overly confident.

"We have some good young players in Pedri, Pau Torres, Rodri, Ferran Torres and Fabián, but this is the weakest Spanish team since 2006. We lack exceptional players through the spine of the team.

Neither De Gea or Kepa is currently first choice goalkeeper for their club. Sergio Ramos is injured. Busquets is not the player he was. There's no killer instinct. Gerard Moreno is our only hope.

I would be happily surprised if we make it to the semi-finals."

Siege, Belgium

Pound-for-pound, Belgium might have the best overall squad at EURO 2020. However, the last few tournaments have shown that hasn't been enough. Could this finally be Belgium's year?

"On paper, we have a strong team and should be able to win EURO 2020. But, it's been this way for several years now, and we haven't won a competition yet... I'm concerned about the injury that Kevin de Bruyne picked up. Not only is he super-talented, but he carries the team and goes the extra mile.

Eden Hazard's form is another area of concern. Mainly I hope to see a solid team performance, instead of focussing on individuals. That's what's been lacking in the past

Let's start by beating Russia on my birthday and take it from there!"

Happy Birthday for Saturday Siege! Let's hope you celebrate with a win.

LEON, Italy

Ibiza is home to a very healthy Italian contingent and that is reflected on the DJ community on the island. Whilst not out-and-out favourites this time, no doubt the Azzurri will be there or thereabouts.

"I love football so, of course, I will be cheering on Italy for EURO 2020. I'm expecting a lot from Roberto Mancini, but I'm also looking forward to seeing how my favourite players, Marco Verratti and Federico Chiesa, get on. Do I think we'll win? Of course! Haha."

A confident assessment from LEON on Italy's chances, but there will be no hiding from under performance.

Low key settings

Should you seek something a little less intense, may we suggest finding a local bar and pitching up. They might not be showing every game, but most will air Spain's matches in a relaxed atmosphere.

As well as tasting some authenticity, you will also find these understated bars easier on your wallet with many serving caña for as little as a €1.50. Stay long enough, and you may even be rewarded with some complimentary tapa! Try it at least once, if you get the chance.

Beauty is in simplicity. Good luck to all nations involved.

Below: Spain celebrate beating Italy to win EURO 2012 in Kiev

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