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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (14) 22-1-2021

It can only get better from here

As the local authorities struggle to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus on the islands, and to prevent our limited healthcare service becoming overwhelmed, the Govern Balear have announced that we are entering a time of ‘extreme difficulty' and have signed a decree effectively closing the perimeter of Ibiza until 30 January. Only those with medical appointments, work or educational necessities are being allowed to travel. Formentera has also been elevated to Level 4 (extreme risk) and its perimeter is also closed - except in the same extreme need. See our previous update for details of the Level 4 lockdown measures.

There are now over 3000 confirmed active cases on Ibiza and Formentera - around three times the number we reported a week ago. Much of the increase is suspected to derive from the UK variant of the virus arriving on the island around Christmas time. The rolling 14-day average now stands at a staggering estimate of 2000 cases per 100k residents. The death toll on the islands has risen to 44 since the start of the pandemic, including a 30-year-old man during the past week.

These are clearly worrying times for all, but the vaccination programme is being rolled out at last and mass screening is also taking place. Healthcare workers and nursing home residents are first in line and have begun to receive their doses. All we can do now is be patient and hope for the efficacy of the vaccines in stemming this wave, while we remain cut off from the rest of the world. See you on the other side...

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