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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (13) 13-1-2021

The darkest hour before the dawn.

As new coronavirus cases continue to surge in Ibiza, the Govern Balear has introduced a package of stricter emergency measures to combat the spread. There are currently around 1100 confirmed cases on the island, almost double the number when we last reported a week ago. The rolling 14-day average stands at around 600 cases per 100k residents and is rising steadily and, very sadly, 3 more victims have succumbed to the Covid-19 disease.

With effect from today, Wednesday 13 January, Ibiza enters Level 4 (extreme risk) of the Govern's recovery plan, while Formentera remains at Level 3 (high risk). It is necessary to state that this is not a full ‘lockdown' like the one we experienced last spring - it is being reported in the local press as a ‘semi-confinement' until 30 January, at present...

The night-time curfew hours remain from 22:00 to 06:00 and there are new restrictions in the movement and accumulation of people.

Social groups are limited to the immediate nuclear family group or the people who reside together in the same property. Fines from €3000 up to €60,000 are now in place for meeting with people who you don't live with.

There are important exemptions to this rule:

  • Single people, who live alone, may join another family group.
  • Those who care for minors, elderly or vulnerable relatives may carry out their duties.
  • Children of separated parents are, of course, allowed to interact with both families.
  • Married or non-matrimonial partners who live in separate homes can meet.

Only ‘essential travel' - to work, for food shopping or for medical reasons - is allowed.

Passengers are discouraged from using public transport. The official advice is to plan journeys in advance and only travel at times of low traffic volume.

Shops: Small stores must close early, at 20:00, and are reduced to 30% sales area capacity. Large stores, over 400 m², must close, with the exception of ‘essential commerce' (such as supermarkets)

Bars and restaurants: all have to close completely, inside and out.

Hotels: can remain open with 50% capacity for the communal areas and 30% for their dining rooms.

Gymnasiums and Spas: must close, but individual outdoor exercise is permitted.

Cinemas and theatres: Both can remain open with 30% capacity, but no food and drinks may be served. Cultural centres can open at 50% capacity

Ceremonies and places of worship: restricted to a maximum of 15 persons or 30% capacity

Good news! Beaches and children's parks remain open from 07:00 to 21:00.

Negative PCR test results, 72 hours before travelling, are now compulsory for practically all journeys onto and off the island - including flights to the United Kingdom from this week. For some countries, like Germany, an antigen test only be 48 hours old, might suffice. So, if leaving the island, please check the up-to-date regulations for your destination.

Needless to say, mask wearing remains compulsory in all public places, with a fine of €100 in place for non-compliance.

As previously stated, the regulations come into force for the next two and a half weeks. Nevertheless, it is likely that this level of alert will persist until there is a significant reduction in the rate of infection on the islands. In the mean time, all we can do is remain stoic and calm and wait until it passes over and travel to and from the islands for non-residents can resume once again.

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