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Music On locks down Thursdays at Pacha

Marco Carola and co return for round two.

Following a hugely successful first season in its new home, Marco Carola's Music On is back for another summer at Pacha.

The opening party will commence on Thursday 14 May.

Carrying on the Music On tradition, the event will host a double closing on the 8 and 9 October.

Along with a stellar line-up's dominating Thursday nights, Marco Carola and co cemented their pact with the cherry branded business.

Last year we were treated to several day to night marathon stretches of Music On. The brand effortlessly segued the party from Destino afternoon raves to night-time bashes at Pacha.

This format saw party leader, Carola take on awe-inspiring back to back sessions in the daytime, which were the talk of the island.

The question of who will be playing those summer dates (apart from Marco of course) is still a mystery for the time being. We're sure we'll know more about Music On's plans the coming months.

Finer details aside, we expect the tech-tastic brand will continue to draw in large crowds, comprising of a widely international clubbing clientele for the sophomore season.

For the time being, keep up to date with all clubbing news on our magazine. Tickets to follow soon.

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