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Marco Carola under the microscope

All night long on 10 October at Music On closing part one.

Ibiza Spotlight joined the hordes of Music On party fanatics for part one of its closing party marathon at Pacha on Thursday 10 October.

During an off-season of controversy, turmoil and legal disputes, it was always going to be the case that all eyes were on Marco Carola this summer. That focus was amplified, thanks to the surprise switch to Pacha after seven years as a staple of Amnesia's programme.

Choosing to remain tight-lipped amid the furore, Carola and Music On did the only thing they know how: let the music do the talking.

Few could have envisioned Music On anywhere else than Amnesia six-months ago, but a season down the line and it feels completely assimilated into its new environment.

As others waged a war of words and jostled for position, the man who seldom shows any signs of expression communicated loud and clear through the speakers on the dance floor.

Last week, we reported on the Destino to Pacha Music On double-header with Carl Cox as the guest. This week, we're going 100% Carola for a marathon of a different kind. Music On closing part one with Marco Carola all night long.

Here are our top ten tracks for the night.


Proudly People | Mind Blind (Original Mix) | Blackflag Recordings

Appropriately, it would be the production of an Italian act that welcomed us to part one of Music On's two-legged closing party. Carola has been an ardent supporter of this two-piece - and this choice of track fits the party's mould.


Amine Edge & DANCE | Get Busy (Yaya Remix) | Noexcuse Records

Settling into a spot inside the filling club and easing ourselves into party mode, this track did its job in loosening rigid shoulders. Before too long, we had slipped into the legendary Music On groove. Party time was activated.


Mr. G | It's Like Dat Boo | Phoenix G

We have a soft spot for UK veteran Mr. G and we don't hear his music on Ibiza nearly enough. This recent release from the Midland house hero had the right dollop of street attitude to warrant inclusion in Marco's set.


R.A.W. | Asuca | Strictly Rhythm

Some records demand to be danced too. Hitting the height of proceedings and working up a sweat on the mobbed dance floor, we were grateful to be positioned under the CO2 cannons for this one. Further gratitude heaped on the trigger-happy controller of said machine.


Jonh Mayze & Miguel Faria | Eivissa (Dario D'Attis Remix) | Snatch! Records

Our next pick needs no justification - a clear ode to the island we call home. While his influence in techno circles reaches around the world, the roots of Marco Carola's global status can be traced back to his exploits on Ibiza.


Jholeyson | Discow | Hot Creations

Marco Carola and Jamie Jones are known for their bromantical bond. The return fixtures at each others' parties are always some of the most heavily nights of summer, so it made sense that Carola would look to JJ's Hot Creations label for some 5AM inspiration.


Traumer | Cyclo | Herzblut Recordings

Yet again Traumer went about his business on Ibiza in a diligent method in 2019, playing at Cocoon, ONE NIGHT STAND, Zoo Project and at Octan closing. More please. His track from 2014 featuring a preacher's vocal was a fine choice, given the evangelical nature of the party.


Junior Jack | Thrill Me | PIAS Recordings

Closing parties have a habit of bringing out the playful side in all of us, including poker-faced Marco Carola. An old favourite we'd not heard played out in a while, but one which brought a sea of smiles to Pacha's dance floor.


Supernova | The Wobble | Downtown Underground

We'd reached that stage in the morning where balance, decorum and cognitive function are mere afterthoughts to brassy manoeuvres on the dance floor. This wobbler summed things up. Amid all the madness, a fellow clubber rode a scooter nonchalantly through the club… and of course, nobody batted an eyelid. Why would they?


After several false finishes, Carola would pick this Ibiza classic as the go-home track leading to euphoric scenes on the dance floor. Teasingly dropping the volume out a few times, our host would turn it up loud for the finale.

Silicon Soul | Right On | VC Recordings

Embracing friends in the booth as attendees whooped below him, we can scarcely recall Marco ever showing such public displays of joy. A picture paints a thousand words: Marco Carola and Music On feel right at home at Pacha Group.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Michael Tomlinson

Always a superstar that courts attention, in 2019 Marco Carola has been put under microscopic scrutiny more than ever before. Lesser men would have buckled under such examination, but his party thrived having been given a new lease of life.

2019's Pacha edition is certainly a different beast to the version that preceded it - but the legion of devout fans followed their talisman. Such levels of worship are only reserved for the elite few.

Drama - OFF, Music - ON. We expect to see Marco Carola's tech behemoth fully loaded in Ibiza 2020.

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