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5 things we learned from Amnesia's closing party

Revelations and reminders on Saturday 5 October.

Amnesia's closing party is always a big deal. Period. Any suggestion to the contrary borders on sacrilege.

2019's curtain fall was set to make the event even more special, thanks to a lot of prep work and some lovely last minute surprises.

Sometimes we can take Ibiza's nightlife for granted, being based here all summer long. Every now and then, we need a reminder of how lucky we are. Amnesia's last dance would be one such reminder. It's important to count your blessings.

Arriving early and dancing all through the night until... here are five truths that hit home on the hallowed dance floor.

A big club catering to the dancers

Amnesia might not be Ibiza's biggest club, but with two giant dance floors and an overhanging VIP balcony on either side, it's certainly one of the most impressive.

The Terrace, with its rectangular tunnel and high ceilings, is up there with the most decorated dance floors on the planet.

The club room - rechristened the Techno Room especially for the occasion - is completely different but, with its varied-height platforms and quirky alcoves, still full of character.

Lucky Amnesia has the space. As expected, revellers turned up in their thousands packing out both rooms - ensuing a proper closing atmosphere for the duration. The extended programme meant that there were always fresh-faced clubbers arriving throughout the party.

Whenever things got too intense, we even had the benefit of Amnesia's expansive outdoor area to recline and get some much needed fresh air. A refreshing tonic.

Audiophile's dream date

While the Techno Room's sound system has been one of the best of the island for as long as we care to remember - and continues to be - last summer the Terrace's was too often exposed as being inadequate. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

The newly installed KV2 sound system, fine-tuned by maverick audiophile George Krampera, now delivers a sonic experience that the legendary dance floor deserves. Having had a full season's run, it is perhaps the best investment we've seen on Ibiza in the last year.

Hearing Kölsch's melodic style on the brand new system felt like a match made in heaven. The love child was one of pure euphoria. His signature track Grey in crystal clear high-definition was the perfect example of this upgrade.

A treat to the ears, leaving little evidence of post-event white noise.

Opposite, Nina Kraviz brutalised the sound system with her trademark erratic style of play. This was techno of the hardest order, every so often dipping into hardcore or gabba territory. Relentless and unapologetic, here was the Siberian princess at her individual best.

Production on point

Playing to its strengths, the Techno Room featured its usual arsenal of high-tech lasers and the troupe of podium dancers seemed more stunning than ever. The Terrace - known for its flashes of foliage - was given an extra dose of lush greenery for the night.

Ropes wrapped in vines hung from the ceiling, looking as if they had been draped by Tarzan himself. Palm ferns and hanging baskets fitted with lanterns, dotted the perimeter of the dance floor.

At the front, two lean palm trees had been installed either side of the DJ booth. As mist sprayed from the ceiling and glittered in the broaching light, it gave an enchanting feel of a paradise oasis.

Then of course, we had the venue's infamous CO2 cannons blasting the dance floor from all angles and cooling us in the sweatbox. All these factors, coupled with the dance platform, brought together an enthralling clubbing experience.

Great programming

Amnesia compiled a typically weighty line-up for the send-off, flexing its booking clout. We've come accustomed to this - especially at opening and closing, but it never ceases to thrill us. Boasting a program of industry Gods and Goddesses, there was something for everyone.

Inside, techno was the order of the day and Nina Kraviz, ANNA and Marco Faraone ensured the rhythm was pounding.

Techno Queens: Nina Kraviz (left), ANNA (right)

Next door on the Terrace, featured everything from deep to tech house earlier on, before moving to leftfield and microhouse later. We even got a smidgen of trance (thanks, Patrick Topping)

However, this wasn't just a case of drafting in a load of mercenaries. All of the talent on show had some affiliation with the venue. Everyone had featured in the season, while some relationships stretch back years - even decades - further.

Nor was this a case of simply throwing headliner after headliner. All Amnesia's loyal resident DJs played their part. Cuartero and Mar-T were rewarded with the sunrise set and John Woods - resident for mid-season foray People From Ibiza - earned his slot opening proceedings.

Partying around the clock

Amnesia's closing has always been one for testing your endurance and stamina, regularly stretching to 12+ hours. In recent years, noise restrictions have meant that the party has finished dead on 06:30.

However, a changing the of guard saw Amnesia granted a late license for its closing for the first time in four years. Whilst rumours circulated around the island for days prior, teasingly the venue didn't officially announce the news until it opened at 23:00.

Just like the good old days, the party didn't stop around sunrise, but continued long into the morning - eventually wrapping up at midday. Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos were the perfect choice of acts to soundtrack those magical few hours in the sun.

The Chilean connection, two of the original purveyors of the minimal movement, took things to weird, abstract and dubby places.

There's just something incredibly primal about dancing on the terrace as day breaks and light penetrates the skylights. It's a vibe that can not be replicated by opening in mid-afternoon, no matter how strong the intention.

Reminding us of the days when late morning raving was a daily occurrence throughout the summer, the closing party featured all the ingredients that made Ibiza a one-of-a-kind party destination.

A sign of things to come? We don't want to get carried away, but here's to hoping.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Michael Tomlinson

2019's closing party reminded us exactly what makes Amnesia such a special club. Being able to dance on the terrace as the sun came up was the icing on the cake.

Musical diversity sat the core of the party, as we heard current favourites from S.A.M. and classics from Energy 52. Aside from the tunage, it was the palpable energy found across the venue. The freaks came out to play - Amnesia at its edgiest best.

Such a celebration gives us much to look forward to next term. Amnesia goes back into hibernation, but we anticipate the San Rafael super-club firing on all cylinders again come May 2020.

In the meantime, you can keep in the loop with the latest news on our clubbing magazine.

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