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Ten top tracks played by Orbital at IDOL Ibiza

The UK rave icons prepare to return to Eden on Monday.

Iconic electronic music duo Orbital are set to return to Eden on Monday 9 September for their third and final appearance at IDOL.

Defining the 90s rave scene, the Hartnoll brothers are certified legends in their field. Ever since I watched a recording of their unforgettable performance at Glastonbury in 1994, I have longed to experience them in the flesh for real.

Who would've guessed this was a possibility in Ibiza summer 2019?

Long-standing entries of my clubbing bucket list, I managed to tick them off at their last appearance at Eden.

Specialising in techno and acid house, the pair's reputation for delivering electrifying shows preceeds them. Ahead of Orbital's return to IDOL, here's the ten best tracks from 12 August.

Orbital's nimble-fingered performance was, I'm sure, a nostalgic exercise for veteran ravers and an intriguing switch-up for current island techno-heads, such as myself.

For anybody who missed the torch-donning duo in action, check out some of the tracks that rocked the dance floor.

Ramin Rezaie | Dinky

This trippy tech house tune was the first of Orbital's selections and lifted the mood with a chiming melody and bouncy backbeats. Proof that Paul and Phil are still entwined in today's current releases.

Tello | Better (The Cube Guys Mix)

Did someone say house? Taking a slightly lighter tone, the pair blasted this Cube Guys mix of the classic tune Better by Tello. Nice!

Orbital | Don't Stop Me

This 2010 release sits on the tec -house spectrum, again confirming Orbital's unbeaten ability to adapt to new and different styles.

Orbital | Kinetic 2017

A slightly newer single released by Orbital in 2017 brought some electro-meets-disco vibes to their extremely diverse performance.

Orbital | P. H. U. K.

With motivational vocals and an uplifting bassline, this track went down a treat among fellow ravers.

Orbital | To Dream Again

In recent years, acid house has enjoyed a renaissance being welcomed back to the raving landscape. With acid heritage woven deep in their DNA, take a listen of this mind-bending production.

Belinda Carlisle | Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Curveball alert! Wow, who saw this coming? Actually, longterm Orbital fans will tell you they like to tease the crowd with token-cheese during ever set. This offbeat 80s pop number somehow pulled it off, leaving the dance floor shaking.

Plaid | Maru (Orbital Remix)

Taking a melodic turn, Orbital nailed an Afterlife kind of vibe with this moving remix.

Avicii | Levels (Electro House Session 5 Soft Edit)

Paying tribute to an electronic musical star, Orbital added their own spin to Avicii's dance music phenomenon, Levels.

Orbital | Chime

This timeless classic is perhaps the track defining Orbital's career and success. Therefore, a set without it would have been disappointing. Hats off to them for such a pivotal performance.

You have one more chance left this summer to catch this legendary act at their exclusive three-date residency. To see Orbital up close and personal, see below for details and tickets.

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