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5 house anthems that always work on Ibiza

Courtesy of Apollonia from Planet Claire at Octan.

One thing that is undisputed in the underground scene is that DJ trio Apollonia are masters at their craft. Acclaimed record selectors, they take control of dance floors with a crowd-winning formula of deep grooves and hypnotic rhythms. Check out their top dance floor bangers.

Allies in the booth, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky form a lethal triple act. The successful cohesion works so well that watching the three perform together is a phenomenal experience.

As a DJing supergroup, they are highly sought after for line-ups on festivals and at clubs around the world plus their own residency Planet Claire at the reworked club space Octan (previously Sankeys).

Their domain this summer, the stripped-back clubbing space of the Lab, with its dark space with big speakers is the perfect location for the unabashedly talented trio.

To give you a taster, Apollonia has picked some seminal Ibiza house anthems guaranteed to blow up any dance floor. An aural treat, here what to expect when you venture to Octan on Sundays.

Mathew Jonson | Typerope

"It's impossible not to pick a track from Mathew Jonson, especially with the number of hits he's dropped over the years. Whether it's house or techno DJs, everybody has played one of his tracks on the island. Incredible."

Depeche Mode - The Sinner In Me (Villalobos Mix)

"This one became a classic, even though the Depeche Mode's management didn't accept it for an official release. It was out there as a bootleg and it did damage on dance floors across Ibiza. It's just got that vibe..."

Fuse vs LFO | Loop

"A hit that transcended the underground raves and made it to the dance floors of Ibiza, this is one the aliases of Richie Hawtin. Just listen - it's one of those tracks you really need to turn up loud. Classic."

African Dreams | All In The Same Family

"Again, a timeless cut... We were listening to this one before we even started DJing and the young generation is still playing it now. Need we say anything more…?!"

Davina | Don't You Want It

"Another classic track for the list, this one was produced by Mad Mike From Underground Resistance for Davina. It's a proper song, classic house sound. We heard this one a lot when Space was one of the places we hung out a lot, always on the Terrace. We will never forget when Laurent Garnier dropped it at one of the Space birthday parties…"

To catch Apollonia yourself, head on over to Planet Claire every Sunday until 29 September. Be ready for some proper warehouse raving for this one.

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