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Solomun + LIVE captivates Destino

Second date with Solomun's LIVE residency at Destinomakers.

The second installment of Destinomakers brought Solomun + LIVE to Destino on Thursday for a spellbinding evening of euphoric beats and an alluring atmosphere.

For one, I was content enough to be back at one of my favourite venues. But tonight was a little more special. It was my first time seeing the legend Solomun. I don't know how he, one of Ibiza's most prolific DJs, had passed me by after five years of visiting the island.

However, better late than never, right? Having heard so much about his captivating selecting, I was more than keen to see how he was going to impress. And impress me, he did.

SOLOMUN'S guests

As I entered, Andy Bros was already warming up as people began to fill out the pristinely kept Destino poolside. At 20:00, Solomun's LIVE guest, GHEIST, took to the decks. Like Solomun, the Berlin-based band were new to me, too.

Of course, I went with an open mind and no expectations, and I was intrigued when a group appeared in the booth. Three out of the four GHEIST members had joined us for the evening.

Known for their unique melodic house sound, GHEIST blew the crowd away from start to finish with an upbeat yet atmospheric tracklist that left us all craving more.

Not long after beginning their set, the GHEIST boys were clearly in their element. This was obvious from the huge grin on each of their faces, teamed with the approving looks they gave each other when they smashed each drop. The group's enthusiasm and chemistry were infectious.

Probably their most popular tune, Frequent Tendencies sounded unreal. The euphoric track had so many layers, each crafted with purpose and care for a six and a half minute musical journey.

To hear Bicep's Glue was a welcome surprise. Their ability to make each song their own was captivating. One member of the band provided the vocals over the track, adding to this unique live experience.

The band's latest release Der Blaue Reiter was also up there with the best. This one carried a slight acid house beat beneath their distinctive atmospheric vocals and progressive melodies.

After just an hour, GHEIST'S set was over too quickly. But nothing could prepare me for the three hours ahead.


As day turned into night with a noticeably pink-hued sunset, it was time for Solomun to occupy the booth. The crowd became uncharacteristically lively, complete with vast amounts of cheering and clapping. The German DJ has some highly committed fans.

Looking cool, calm and collected, Solomun took the attention in his stride and got things underway with a series of cleverly varied selections.

Blue Moon Tree by Lone was a choice that caught my attention. The song had a more tribal sounding vibe with flair, established a nice mix up from what he had been delivering.

His selection of Mind's Eye (Ran Salman remix) by Strinner was also a perfect addition. So much goes on in this track that there was a lot to play around with. The trippy little sound effects and wobbly bass reverberated through the dusk lit sky.

When the sun had set, the beauty of Destino was illuminated only by the mesmerising light displays that were timed effortlessly with the music. The production was more stripped back than other clubs on the island, but a place like Destino does its own talking.

Solomun continued to weave each tune into the next so seamlessly that I barely realised that it was changing.

A little later, Whitesquare's Moving Up was thrown into the mix and the evening got even better. This techno belter was sounding heavier than his previous selections. Yet Solomun's assorted soundtrack proved his diversity. I was sold.

Musically, the evening was faultless. Having the opportunity to discover new music and DJs like this is one thing I love about working on Ibiza. For a night I would not have usually have gone to, I can confirm I am now a Solomun convert.

Take advantage of the two remaining Destinomakers dates of the season. Next up, on Friday 26 July, Joseph Capriati will celebrate his birthday alongside Denis Sulta and Hugo Bianco.

The final date on Thursday 8 August will see Solomun's return, this time joined by techno marching band MEUTE. The live band of eleven instrumentalists will bring something a touch different to the table for this one. We cannot wait.

Tickets and details can all be found below. See you there.

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