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Grand opening for Octan with Warriors

Warriors return to the club formerly known as Sankeys.

Along with the rise in high-tech clubbing can come a sense that true underground vibes are becoming harder and harder to find. However, the new concept and nightclub Octan - formerly known as Sankeys - may just be that slice of nitty-gritty that all tech-house lovers are craving.

After an impressive five-year run from 2012 to 2016 and multiple one-offs along the way, Warriors made it pretty clear that there was unfinished business to be had down in that iconic basement.

Inviting clubbers back to the venue was Steve Lawler and his brigade of basement veterans for an almost nostalgic dance down memory lane. How could I resist?

Atmospherically speaking, the good vibes hit me like a bus and almost immediately I connected with my surroundings.

Whilst this instant connection could be due to the music, crowd or just the familiar layout, I am pretty convinced the combination of all of these elements were a factor into the night's success. Check it out.

Just in time for Seb Zito's set, I found myself two-stepping under the intrusively low ceilings once again. Keeping the refurbishments minimal and the “no fuss” ideology strong, Octan seemed to win over the crowd instantly.

Keep On Breaking (Seb Zito Remix) by ANOTR was the first track of Zito's set. Whilst engaging music like this remained central to the night, I did not. Keen to explore every corner of Octan I made a few ventures outside the Basement's dance floor.

Taken over by Capadi Rebels, the Spectre was one of my favourite finds. First of all, the small and intimate atmosphere certainly played a part. Secondly, it was slightly less crowded and more air-conditioned.

In the multicolour-clad space, the Rebels were dropping some absolute bombs. One of them is this huge track called Silent Night by Carlo Whale. Take a listen below.

Back in the Basement, things were warming up for Steve Lawer. The British DJ and mastermind behind Warriors was making his highly anticipated return to the homeland so I ran back to catch him.

His opening track was one that took me by surprise. Paying homage to the good old days, the 2017 track Be Sharp Say Nowt by Patrick Topping roared at the crowd - the perfect warm-up for an extra rowdy set.

Later on in his set, the tunes only got better and an example of this is a track which saw us into 05:00. Missed out? Take a listen to Smoke & Mirrors (Hanfry Martinez Remix) by System2.

Set to close the night off was FUSE's very own Enzo Siragusa. The DJ and producer used his power over the decks to ensure that every last person in the venue would leave wanting more.

Obviously for him, it worked a treat and the track Point Of View by DB Boulevard proved this for me. Take a listen.

Maintaining its capacity until the end, Warriors undoubtedly proved itself worthy of opening Octan for the very first time. Throughout the entirety of the night, not one person looked disappointed, qute the opposite. To me this means success.

Can't wait for next week? Check down below for tickets and more information on upcoming line-ups.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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