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All about the opening of Storytellers' Dancing Into Dreamland

A total rundown on the big return to Cova Santa.

Since my decision to up sticks and relocate to the White Isle for the summer, I've claimed almost every single party to be my favourite. Morning after morning the words “best night ever” have rolled off my tongue and by the next party, my mind is changed again. I call it the Ibiza effect.

Though this too could be just another spout of awe, with no shame I say Storytellers | Dancing Into Dreamland is my new favourite and here's why.

After falling in love with the Storytellers' sister concept, WooMooN, I jumped at the chance to return to Cova Santa for more. Craving the immersive experience the party provides, I made my way to the San José hills for the special story time.

The entrance and staff gave me clues as to what might be inside. The mountain-side retreat appeared dowsed in colours and unique decoration whilst the door staff had faces coated in tribal style warpaint and glitter.

Electric pink and turquoise carpets, multi-coloured buntings, lanterns and art installations were spread around the lower tier of Cova Santa making for an eventful walkway to the dance floor.

On my way up, I stopped to examine what was hidden in all the club's nooks and crannies and was well impressed by the variety.

I walked on between a face-paint station and a small market selling everything from clothes to bath-bombs and incense. Had the music not been physically pulling me towards the dance floor, I'd have happily spent my night browsing the selection of handmade bags and jackets.

However, I was not here to shop, I was here to dance.

Dancers and actors were also out in full force. a mixture of performers on stilts and dancers in alien-like attire were running riot around the dance space. Sporting extravagant costumes, they simply added to the atmosphere and celebrated the weird and wonderful.

It was just in time for Jan Blomqvist that I arrived on the dance floor. Virgin to the German musician's music, I didn't know what to expect and I was taken away by his dreamy vocals and smooth mixing.

Performing tracks from his 2018 album Disconnected, the DJ and producer stuck to his usual style of ambient sounds and relaxing melodic vibes. Check out his track A Bridge Over Novocaine to feel the vibe of his set.

Also on his set list was his track More feat. Elena Pitoulis. The soulful melody made for an emotional few moments as the shows kicked off on the stage parallel to the DJ.

A balancing act consisting of chairs and tables being thrown to and fro caught everyone's attention.

Although I spent most of it clenching my teeth at the seemingly dangerous acts, I couldn't help but clap and cheer with the crowd once the one-of-a-kind performance was over.

After a quick turnover, it was time for Guy Laliberté b2b LUM. Introducing slightly stodgier sounds, the pair marginally turned up the tempo and led us into nighttime with some nice toe-tapping beats.

Keeping On (Coflo & Tomahawk Remix) by QVLN set the groove just in time for the next show. Check it out.

As the DJs did their thing, contortionists did theirs. Hanging from the air, the performers gifted the crowd with yet another goose-bump moment as they dangled from a crane hung over the dance-floor. Magic? I think so.

As Laliberté and LUM rounded things up outside with the whimsical Encanto (Original Mix) by Anderson Rozatto, the party downstairs in Amazone's Cave was just getting going.

Deep-house DJ and producer Veronika Fleyta was in control of the music and her soft yet mesmerising sounds kept me occupied for ages.

Tearing myself from the dance floor was a task. Yet although the thought of leaving Dreamland was hard to come to terms with, I was satisfied deeply with the night's journey.

In a place where the weird is celebrated and outcasts are cool, I felt pretty at home and I truly can't wait for my return.

To get in on the story check our party calendar below for more information on line-ups and tickets.

The next date on Thursday 8 August promises to be even more enchanting - if that's possible - with Mayan Warrior.

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