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Storytellers presents Pangea - Cova Santa 2022

At Cova Santa. Live a fairy-tale firsthand by the creatives at LunArts.


Storytellers is back for a series of unique parties at Cova Santa in 2022. Bringing the stuff of dreams and fairytales to life, these one-offs dive deep into your wildest imagination.

Blending music and imagination, these performative events create an immersive experience where the audience takes an active role in the adventure. A myriad of acts, characters, performances and themed spaces allow the crowd to live out the fairy-tale unfolding before them.

This year's theme is Pangea - when the Earth was one. There are also hook-ups with Mayan Warrior, Flying Circus and The Soundgarden to keep an eye on.

Appearing across summer are Acid PauliAnastasciaGuy Laliberté, Monolink (live), LUM, Audiofly, WhoMadeWho, Oliver Koletzki, Rodriguez Jr (live) and Nick Warren b2b Hernán Cattáneo.

The first date is in the book for Sunday 29 May with the party returning on mostly Sundays, as well as some Fridays and even one Tuesday outing at various points during summer.

See below for tickets and line-ups.

Venue: Cova Santa

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