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Opening night for Boom Boom Live

The nostalgia driven party takes on Es Paradis.

Last Thursday we jumped head first into bygone eras of dance music for the opening of Boom Boom Live at the original San An club Es Paradis.

While a bit before my time - since I was only born in the 90s - a mixed bag of one-hit wonders, club classics and forgotten gems took us a voyage of music rediscovery. The older members of the crowd loved every minute.

Resident DJ Feelgood was setting up the tone for the evening with some golden oldies. up, tracks such as High by Hyper Go Go and Anthem by N-Joi.

As a fellow Mancunian, a personal highlight of mine was Manchester band 808 State's all-time favourite Pacific 202.

Meanwhile the MC working the mic for the evening lifted the spirits of the crowd that had begun to gather at the foot of the stage.

Just after 01:00, Adamski appeared with his trusty keyboard and made a quick introduction over the mic.

In an emotional address, he explained it had been 30 years nearly to the day since he had first played on the White Isle.

He went on to open his set with his song N-R-G, the same track he opened with those 30 years ago. It was just as much of a throwback for him as it was for the crowd.

Another recognisable track to my young ears came from Jack Le Freak's Chic which went down well with all ages of the audience.

An interesting turn in events were the dancers who appeared dressed in skimpy swimsuits and sky-high heels. We were ready for the next act.

At around 02:00 Alexander O'Neil's soulful voice filled the glass ceiling of the club. The American singer showed he still knows how to deliver. He pleased the crowd with some of his classics such as Criticize - one of his most well-known tracks.

His decades of experience in the business shone through as he belted out his sing along anthems to the fun-loving crowd.

Boom Boom Live proved a popular choice with all ages, hen parties and expats of the island.

For a throwback evening of 80s, 90s and 00s dance anthems, head on over to Boom Boom Live every Thursday at Es Paradis. It's also free for residents before 22:00, so you can start your night early.

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