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MUCHO IBIZA opening party madness at Ushuaïa

Brand new open-air Latin fiesta.

The new wave of Latin fever that is taking over the White Isle has finally landed at one of Ibiza's most sought-after clubs - Ushuaïa. Dancing shoes at the ready, we welcomed the open-air venue's first Latin dance music night MUCHO IBIZA last Sunday.

Here are the reasons why this party needs to be on your bucket list if urban beats are your thing. Check it out.

The open-air Venue

It would be a shame to contain the party under one roof which is why open-air venue Ushuaïa lends itself perfectly to creating the ultimate festival vibe.

On arrival, we found a tropical backdrop with drinks flowing and toes dipping in the pools. As we soaked up the very last of the Sunday afternoon sun, dancers were winding their hips to the Hispanic rhythm. Summer vibes were rife.

The pool became a hub for dancing daytime clubbers to meet and greet before embarking on the night ahead in front of the stage.

Ushuaïa offers an experience beyond the music. The high-scale production kept our eyes transfixed on the stage at all times as we inhaled every word of the Spanish tunes under a shower of confetti glimmering in the laser beams.

The buzzing Atmosphere

If there's one thing the crowd at MUCHO IBIZA knew how to do it was throwing a fiesta. The diverse crowd of all ages shared the same goal of letting loose to some of their favourite music. Can it not just be the weekend every day? On Ibiza it can

From start until finish, these Latin lovers showed no sign of slowing down. Whether it was singing or dancing, daytime clubbers were planning on going all night. For a guest to the island such as myself, I felt MUCHO IBIZA showed what I love most about Ibiza: its inclusivity.

A warm vibe invited anyone and everyone to join in the party. The ecstatic looks of joy on everyone's face made it hard to say no.

The lively Music

My Spanish pop knowledge is not at full capacity, so I was curious to attend MUCHO IBIZA to find out what else Latin music has to offer.

Claudio Tozzo led the party with his mix of Spanish pop tunes and teases of global pop/urban hits from the likes of Drake. He certainly had our hips moving in all directions.

Danny Ocean's Me Rehuso was a stand out for me.

Fogon Soundsytem brought an EDM influence to the Spanish decks. Mixing in well-known tracks such as Beyonce's classic Crazy in Love and Jennifer Lopez's Let's Get Loud, they had the crowd waving their hands in the air going LOCO.

Even the Fogon boys themselves seemed to have caught the dancing bug, showing us some of their unique moves on stage.

A flashback to the 1970s with Queen's rock anthem We Will Rock You saw our next party host Kay take to the stage. A man of the people, he played plenty of sing-along tunes to keep us in the mood.

One track, in particular, saw the crowd chant in sync every word: Ozuna's Baila Baila Baila. Sing along if you know the words.

Ale Zuber - host of the urban, hip-hop party RICHBITCH starting next month across the street - came out to play some of his favourite music.

A whirlwind of tracks from the early 2000s we were treated to feel good tunes from Jay-Z, Macklemore and a personal guilty pleasure of mine Usher's Yeah! Jay Santos then also joined in for a few tracks.

The final instalment of this extensive line-up saw Latin superstar Daddy Yankee drop his headline set. As this was the first time seeing the Puerto Rican singer, my initial thoughts were on his amazing showmanship.

With a backdrop of choreographed dancers, he worked the stage ensuring that we couldn't take our eyes off him. On beat with every word, he spoke throughout his whole set including interludes in Spanish.

Adoring fans loved every track he sang. Shaky Shaky, in particular, as you can imagine sent all hips swinging and bums shimmying.

With the final explosion of confetti and smoke, Daddy Yankee brought a memorable opening night of MUCHO IBIZA to a close with Summer 2017 favourite Despacito featuring pop-icon Justin Bieber.

If Latin vibes are your thing, this Sunday party is for you. From now until Sunday 25 August, MUCHO IBIZA promises to provide us with the hottest Latin beats around. The dancing never stops.

For more information on tickets, dates and line-ups head below to our party calendar.

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