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Bob Sinclar on new venture Electrico Romantico

The house and disco don tells all about his residency at HEART Ibiza.

For DJ and Producer Bob Sinclar, it is out with the old and in with the new this Ibiza season. After a successful four years headlining Pacha's Paris By Night, the French go-getter decided it was time for a change. Here is the run-down on Electrico Romantico from the man himself.

Boasting an impressive twenty years experience in the Ibiza scene, Sinclar is reputable in the music industry and on the island for supplying flamboyance and class, alongside some top-form house and disco classics. And it doesn't stop there.

Having already bagged some singular appearances for other events such as David Guetta's F*** ME I'M FAMOUS!, Sinclar will be busy this summer, mainly owing to his brand new nine-week residency with HEART Ibiza.

The new concept Electrico Romantico sees the tuneful Frenchman play alongside a muster of other musical talents, each bringing their own flare and flavour to the turn-table. Continue reading to see what he had to say about his upcoming pursuit.

On your move to HEART and your new party concept, what can clubbers expect from Electrico Romantico?

Well first off I want to say that I spent five amazing years at Pacha with my concept Paris by Night. I decided to leave because I thought it was the right time. There was big success in the party and I always love to leave at the top. In my head, I decided it was a good time to move and I reached a point where I didn't want to feel the pressure of playing big room nights like this.

Before Pacha, I played at Café Mambo for pre-parties and I discovered I that enjoy playing different styles of music. Of course when you play in a big club like Pacha, sometimes your set is slightly formatted because you have up to three thousand people in the room.

So, it was this year I decided that I needed a club that was a little bit more sexy, smaller and with an amazing sound system. I approached HEART and they told me that they would help me create what I had in mind.

My new track with Robbie Williams is a great example of the new concept. It is funk and disco with a slightly slower tempo. Electrico Romantico will be different from Glitterbox in that it will be primarily a mash-up of all my favourite songs over the past twenty years.

How did you come up with the new party concept? Did anyone or anything inspire you?

Not really, I just felt it was the right moment for me. In Ibiza, people know their dance music and are really aware of electronic culture. If there is one place in the world you can play what you want and have people appreciate it, it's Ibiza.

The people here are really educated and if I want to play New Order one night, I can play New Order. If I want to play a classic from Defected, I can do so. This party will help me provide a mash-up of my DJing history and what I have in mind.

How do you feel about the change in venue this year?

I love to feel a little bit of pressure. I think its the right time to get out of my comfort zone. Pacha was my house but I felt like it was a good time to take some risks and move somewhere to tell the history of my musical life.

Why HEART? What is special about this venue for you?

Last year I went to the club for the first time to see Bedouin. Of course, it has a different style of music but the crowd was very stylish, very mixed and young. I also saw Louis Vega, whom I love so much, and I discovered that this club's artistic direction was very open-minded and music orientated.

The location, decoration, performers and actors meant I was really impressed. It's also a very human size, with the disco itself holding around 700/800 people and the seating areas and VIP make it a really beautiful place.

Let's talk about this summer's line-ups. Who are you most excited to work with?

I wanted to appeal to the younger generation so I have some up-and-coming, maybe slightly unknown artists who I trust to play the right music for my party.

I also have people like Cube Guys, I have Kolombo from Belguim and also a guy from Russia who I love so much called DJ Smash who has never played in Ibiza before. I would like to bring together a mix of culture. Danny Howard is in the line-up too!

What is it about Ibiza that brings you back year after year?

The first time I played was for Eric Morillo 25 years ago. When I played there and at Pacha, I had reached my life goal and said to myself, “Wow I can die at peace.” So step-by-step, David Guetta asked me to play F*** ME I'M FAMOUS! and then I began playing for Defected until I eventually reached my unbelievable residency with Pacha.

The spirit of this island, I feel, is made for me. It's full of mixed genres and people who can listen to any type of music. Techno, house, reggaeton no matter what they are always ready to dance making it easier than anywhere else to play music.

You can catch the highly anticipated Electrico Romantico creator, Bob Sinclar, in action every Monday until August 26.

For tickets, line ups and more information, keep up to date with our party calendar below.

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