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Solomun’s monumental return to Pacha

The king is back.

Back this season for his seventh Pacha residency, the undisputed house music legend Solomun kicked the season into gear with one hell of an opening party. As I had never been to Solomun +1 before, my first timer's excitement was off the charts.

It's no secret that on the White Isle, Sundays are reserved for Solomun. The past six years have seen many devoted party-goers pass through the cherry club's doors to submit themselves to the hands of the German DJ and his spellbinding selection of tunes.

The setting itself was picturesque. Pacha had transformed into a sort of solar universe whereby the music was core. The mood of the night seemed none other than magical and left me and my friends in actual disarray.

First up was his plus one, DJ Koze. Known globally for his successful tracks Pick Up and Operator, the German marvel certainly didn't disappoint. Like a warm hug, his choice of tunes welcomed me to the dance floor. It was then that I knew I was in for an unforgettable night.

A House by Joris Voorn played an instrumental part in DJ Koze's set. Supplying true Ibiza vibes, it set the tone for the night.

Wa Is Da Wa, an exotic track by Blond:ish was one of DJ Koze's many skilfully selected tracks. When partnered with bass and good lighting, it made for an almost euphoric experience leaving me wondering how Solomun could possibly follow his lead.

My doubts were flattened, however, from the moment Solomun took to the decks. Like a shepherd, he directed the crowd on a musically perfect journey, with me at the forefront aching for the next unbelievable beat.

The unusual yet awesome choice of Horizon (Rey & Kjavik Remix) by Matchy & Bott showed the extent of Solomun's diversity. I am almost convinced this man could play anything and it would still be rendered brilliant!

Endearing build-ups and drops characterised each of the artist's sets with wistful vocals and bouncy yet melodic beats sewn in along the way.

Though each track hugely unique, they tied together seamlessly. Chaos System (Original mix) by T.Rocc & B.A.M was one that the crowd, including myself, particularly favoured.

By the end of the evening, I was dumbfounded and left to question why I had never done this night before. However now I'm on board with the hype surrounding Solomun and will take advantage of every Solomun +1 I can this season.

For more information on tickets and line ups, keep check of our party calendar below.

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