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Cassy takes over Pachacha Thursdays this summer

Play House locks in 20 intimate dates.

Needing little introduction, Cassy takes on 20 dates in the world famous Pacha nightclub, taking over the Pachacha Room with Cassy's Play House - on the same night as Music On - for a series of all-night-long sets and surprise guests along the way.

A White Isle resident, Cassy is renowned for her lifelong love affair with music. She transmits this passion via her DJ and producer career, a craft that has seen her dominate the dance floors of Cocoon, Circoloco, One Night Stand and more.

Cassy's Play House invites dancers and prancers to listen to rare grooves and twist it out in a room filled good vibes and contagious energy.

Cassy's first DJ gig in Ibiza was at Pacha in 2006. When asked about returning now to do her own event series she had this to say;

“The Pachacha was my favourite room to play in Ibiza last summer. A total hidden gem that you stumble across in the entrance courtyard, opening the doors to a secret party. Just the vibe I love, and a really special thing to find on the island. Playing all night can be such a rarity but is such a highlight as a DJ. The room is yours to take in any direction you feel. I had been looking for a place in Ibiza that allowed me to express myself fully across long sets, to play with no compromise and really show what I can do. This room is it!”

The Kwench Records label owner will be in session alongside Music On from Thursday 23 May until 3 October. You can expect to see some surprise guests drop in over those hedonistic weeks. On our side, we cannot wait to hit the Playhouse dance floor.

For full details and tickets head below.

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