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Why you need to party at Benimussa Park

The former zoo is a unique party venue on Ibiza has to offer - here's why you need to visit.

Ibiza boasts some of the best clubs and event spaces the world has to offer. Each one is unique and has its own charm. With so much choice, one stands out in particular. Previously a zoo, outdoor Benimussa Park is located on the outskirts of San Antonio.

With various levels, dance floors and lots of hidden corners, including hippie stalls and food traders, Benimussa Park is the ultimate Balearic festival experience.

Hosting weekly parties RebelsLand on Tuesdays and The Zoo Project on Sundays, as well as various special events such as the Captured Festival in September, and the odd after party, here are five reasons to check it out.

Stunning Setting

With its open-air setting, tiered platforms, sloping concourse and indigenous pine trees few venues can claim to be as enchanting as Benimussa Park. Even when you think you've seen it all, there is always another corner to explore.

As an actual zoo in a past incarnation, Benimussa Park has expertly assimilated party zones into the existing design. You will see many model animals dotted around in nod to its heritage. See if you can spot the zebra, the tiger and the giant turtle, to name but a few.

In addition, lots of real wildlife such as beautiful butterflies and majestic dragonflies can still be seen visiting. These elements combine to make you feel closer to nature.

Although it is only a short drive or bus journey away, Benimussa Park's out-of-town location feels like a world removed from the bustling town of San Antonio. This is particularly clear at night when the lack of light pollution makes the stars seem closer than ever.

Audience Participation

Maybe it's the venue's enchanted nature that gives everybody a dose of childlike wonderment, but Benimussa Park is a place where you can truly immerse yourself.

This year Rebels Land has adopted a lost boys theme, so muddy up and add some war paint. It's tribal out there - bandanas, optional. We've seen crazed carnies riding penny-farthings, mime artists and even a mutant mermaid lounging in the sun.

At The Zoo Project, it is not uncommon to see partygoers dressed head to toe in fancy dress. Alternatively, many get glittered and made-up with animal print body paint. The party's theme of releasing your inner animal totally captures party-animals' imaginations.

Few musical tribes are as colourful as the trance family. They will be bringing the dayglo, ankle warmers and whistles for the Captured Festival. Oi! Oi! Even the more mature crowd who attended Clockstock in July were happy to get involed by wearing orange items of clorthing.

Diverse music Programming

Rebels Land strips things back with minimal and deep tech. Regular appearances from DJs from the FUSE camp, plus takeovers from Vatos Loco crew means this is party for true aficiandos. Even resident Manu Gonzalez is likely to be digging deep into his record collection.

Meanwhile, The Zoo Project is famed for its focused underground music policy covering the spectrum of house and techno. Depending on the guests on any given date, you might hear the low-slung grooves of Miguel Campbell, Visionquest going techy or Nakadia slamming it out.

At Clockwork Orange we were treated to a full day of house classics, dusty disco gems and Balearic-tinged beats. It put the cool into old skool. Finally, hard house and 140bpm trance get a rare island outing on 7 and 9 September for Captured weekend.

Whatever your taste, there's something to tickle your fancy.

Multiple music Arenas

At the expansive Tree House stage, it's an outdoor festival atmosphere, with peripheral entertainers cruising through the dance floor and smoke machine pumping. As the sun sets behind the stage and nightfall settles, it undergoes a magical transformation.

Over at the Living Room you can put your feet up on the sofas or dance to your heart's delight - whichever takes your fancy. The 80s wallpaper and other memorabilia add to the charm, as everybody cuts loose in this intimate room.

Most infamous of all is the Seal Pit. Its tiered layout creates an atmospheric amphitheatre experience. It feels custom-made for dancing, despite the fact this was not its intended purpose.

Then after hours you can squeeze into the Rabbit Hole for one of the most intense clubbing experiences the island has to offer. It actually feels subterranean.

The Bigger Picture

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of Benimussa Park is its sustainable outlook and commitment to preserving the environment. During any given event you can pledge a donation to save species threatened with extinction through The Nature Project.

You can even join meditative classes and find your inner zen. It's an almost spiritual place. Plus, because it is open air and under the stars, it's super easy to adopt a conscious, more holistic frame of mind.

Plastic straws are out and returning your empties gets you your deposit back. It's a reminder that whilst we all like to party from time to time, we have a collective responsibility to look after our planet.

If you have not visited already, these reasons should suffice to pique your interest to take a trip to Benimussa Park. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, though, as the venue has so much more on offer. Its sheer size and uniqueness will have you adding plenty more reasons.

With loads of parties still to come between now and the end of the season, head here for more info on all Benimussa Park events and tickets.

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