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Ibiza summer in 18 pictures

A taste of Ibiza with these visual treats capturing some of the best Ibiza has to offer.

Capturing the Ibiza summer in only 18 pictures is no easy task. However, considering that many of us are dreaming of the island day in, day out, somebody had to do it, so here goes.

This collection of pictures displays some of the many facets of one of the Mediterranean's and indeed the world's favourite islands and party spots. With activities ranging from free to extravagant, you are spoilt for choice.

Reminisce or imagine your time on the White Isle with these images. You could always go ahead and book your next vacation, too.

Stunning beaches

Ibiza boasts over 80 easily accessible beaches plus another 50 or so that you can reach after a hike or from a boat. That means that if you go to a different one every day, it would still take you longer than the whole summer to visit them all. Best part - you can sprawl out on the sand for free.

Sporting activities

Engaging in fitness activities outside ranks high on the list of holiday freedoms. Besides getting a workout, you can discover the island in unique ways. Try watersports, including SUP, kayaks, scuba diving and parasailing, as well as hiking, jeeps, and myriad activities.

Beach clubs

Nothing spells vacation as much as being pampered at a beach club, perhaps on a Balinese sunbed, sipping champagne while having a meal served right there on the beach, and, why not, maybe getting a massage, too.

Local food

Speaking of meals, culinary delights abound on the island. No holiday is complete without trying some of the local specialities, especially on Ibiza. Some favourites are the bullit de peix, greixonera and, of course, the famous paella. See our piece on must-try food on Ibiza and Formentera for more details on island cuisine and even get it delivered by Sa Paella Club.

Sparkling boat trips

Does it get much better than sunbathing on a boat surrounded by glittering aquamarine water? Chartering a boat is far more affordable than you'd think with multiple options available. Get a group of friends together and spending the day at sea becomes even more reasonably priced.

Formentera island-hopping

Often ranked the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, Formentera has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Only a short boat ride away, it offers another full island to explore. You can reach it in many ways, from low-cost options to luxurious ones.

People watching

On Ibiza, you will no doubt come across some eccentric characters, sometimes wild, always interesting. People watching - with respect and an open mind, of course - can be most entertaining. From the beach to the nightclubs and everything in between, freedom of expression reigns supreme here.

Pool parties

Pool parties bring fun to a whole other level and are a must on vacation. Ibiza offers various takes on the genre. O Beach, Ibiza Rocks and Bora Bora can get pretty wild, while Nikki Beach provides a stylish experience.

Island sightseeing

Besides the glitz and glamour of Ibiza, the island teems with corners where time seems to have stood still. With excursions of all types available, exploring the villages, watchtowers and other sightseeing spots is always worth your while.

Hippy markets

Original souvenirs, handmade fashion, trinkets of all sorts and delicious food abound at the hippy and food markets spread around the island. With many markets to choose from throughout the week, these make for a classic daytime adventure.

Dalt Vila corners

With its white buildings, blooming bougainvillaea and fairy-tale spots, Dalt Vila - the upper part of Ibiza Town - uncovers breathtaking scenes around every corner.

Stunning sunsets

Sunsets bring phenomenal energy to a vacation. The west side of the island holds countless places from which to salute the sun. Check out these scenic sunset spots to find your favourite one.

Fancy restaurants

While you cannot possibly try them all, you can most definitely try. Ibiza is second to none in terms of restaurants, from the fanciest to the most down to earth.

Aperitif in the port

With myriad bars, you could get a buzz simply by taking hosts up on their complimentary chupitos. Walking around Ibiza Town at night is an integral part of the pre-party experience or you could even, if you fancy, make a whole night of it.

Bustling nightlife

Ibiza is also known as "the party island" with reason. If you are into partying 24 hours a day, something is always going on here. Check out our complete party calendar to find your favourite events and keep up to date with all the latest happenings in nightlife here.

IMS Dalt Vila

If we had to single out one clubbing event, IMS Dalt Vila is among the most spectacular on the island and even the world. Once a year, you can dance open-air with 360-degree views of the sea and a castle. Find out more about IMS Dalt Vila.

Diverse nature

Nature expresses itself in most picturesque ways on Ibiza. From the salt flats in the Las Salinas Natural Park to hidden caves, the island teems with free ways to enjoy its most breathtaking parts.

Magical energy

Many legends surround the island. Whether they are true or not, Ibiza definitely has a magnetic energy all its own. Stargazing as the Milky Way materialises with Es Vedrá as a backdrop is one way to decide for yourself.

Are you more of an aural person? This is a collection of tunes that rocked Ibiza last year.

In the mood for your next holiday, start planning now.

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