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Preview: Glitterbox closing party 2017

Divas assemble and prepare to dazzle with fabulousness this Friday.

We love a good disco ball. Spin one of those mirrored bad boys in front of our eyes and we're yours, all night long. We often ponder how much more enjoyable planet earth would be if the world's biggest disagreements were down to which government bozo had the biggest collection suspended from his or her ceiling. What an argument that would be, eh? Disco balls over nuclear missiles, any day.

Unfortunately, that's not our current state of reality. However, here in Ibiza we can give a sassy middle finger to the outside world for a few sweet hours every single night. Courtesy of Glitterbox on Fridays at Hï Ibiza, we've been launching ourselves into a flamboyant world that's dominated by superb house and disco tunage, feisty drag queens, vivacious dancers and those all-important glittering disco globes. It's kind of how we'd imagine heaven to be, and we'll grudge accepting anything less in the afterlife.

Glitterbox has been holding its lofty, glitzed glow over Hï Ibiza for 15 weeks and we're now ushering in the almighty closing fest on Friday 29 September. With just a few days to go until that final thrust, we're here to convince you as to why your attendance is mandatory.

In short, you'd have to be absolutely mental not to consider it, but do read on for our more detailed points of persuasion. And don't forget your tickets on the way out.

Drag queens to sissy that walk

Us females might think we own those stilettos, but that illusion is quickly shattered when you're exposed to the high-kicking, back-twisting drag queen crew at Glitterbox. Combining performers from raunchy, powerhouse drag troupe Sink The Pink, including Lucy Fizz and Hot Heels, your eyeballs should be spilling from their sockets at the sight of their onstage antics. Release the divas, bitches, because grade A+ attitude will be smacked in your face from the get go.

Glitter-guzzling glamour

One word that's laid out repeatedly in Glitterbox's warpath is 'glamour.' You can't escape it and why would you want to? This is a night of visual excess and it's a key element in the night's success. Legendary New York haven Studio 54 was a big inspiration in its concept and the likes of Andy Warhol, Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger, and Debbie Harry pushed the boundaries of fashion with a spiky rod of risk. Glitterbox harks back to that time when you dressed to impress as a form of self-expression, so it's a good excuse to slide into those glad rags. Think decadence, baby. Wear what you dare and own it.

DJs with Glitterbox know-how

Glitterbox founder, Simon Dunmore, will lead the way in the final showdown and as his entrusted entourage have played at multiple Glitterbox dates, you're in good hands. You have house veteran Louie Vega in for his second Glitterbox appearance of the season. Dimitri From Paris, a master of all things funk and disco, will return with aplomb and joining those two are house music don Roger Sanchez, and German duo Session Victim with their unique blend of everything from soul to hip hop to house. With this tight package of mixing genius, your ear drums will be fed copious amounts new grooves, house anthems, club classics and disco gems. Get in. And never leave.

Barbara Tucker on live PA duties

She's the leading diva of dance music with a cracking set of lungs, and you need the full Tucker experience at least once in your lives. If you've heard her belt out a house classic before, so what? Get yourself some Tucker again and again, and again. Her vocalist touch and soulful drive infused with house classics is a phenomenal listening experience. Do not miss this.

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