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Fiesta Del Agua creates waves at Es Paradis

Make a splash at the ledgendary water party every Friday at Es Paradis

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a water park themed club? Well, Fiesta Del Agua, aka the Es Paradis water party, brings that fantasy to life.

This legendary party has been a part of the Es Paradis legacy for years. It is back again for 2017, making its unique and memorable splash on the Ibiza clubbing scene every Friday night from midnight into the early hours. We went to soak up some of the fun for ourselves at the opening.

Feeling like we had walked into a Greek gods vacation resort, we ventured into the picturesque club. Multiple levels of circular stages were positioned around the space with ivy leaves scaling the walls, enclosing the interior. The glass ceiling resembled a jewellery stand for lavish disco balls, giant paper jellyfish and technicolor strobe lights.

The crowd gravitated together inside the coliseum style main dance floor. Mirrors reflected the eager partygoers. Some were dancing on high rise platforms, some sitting on the classic deck chair checked cushions around the dance floor to socialise, others already positioned mid dancefloor giving it their all.

Everyone was dressed in beach attire. Whether they came especially dressed for the water party or straight from a seaside day party remains a mystery. Either way, this party is a perfect place to continue after a daytime session of sun, sand and booze.

The DJ booth was set up high above the enthusiastic dancers. DJ Balque had the audience within his control, easing them into the night ahead with Lola's Theme Recut (Purple Disco Machine Remix). He gave a true disco sense to this party, fitting the club's décor perfectly with mixes of pure poolside party tunes such as Nalkas by Ghasscemi. Continuing with the funky vibe in the room he also brought out the groovy Access The Future by Andy Chatterley. As the coloured strobe lights glinted in the reflection of the disco balls, the crowd were clearly eagerly looking forward to the water starting to flow.

Fiesta Del Agua's resident DJ Steeve Valverde took over the decks with the track Coffee Clouds (Andhim Remix) by Matthias Tanzmann. Keeping the rhythmic soundtrack going, he took a deeper turn with Razor Sharp by Fernando Campo. Finally the plastic splash sheets started surrounding the DJ booth, meaning one thing only.

Sprinklers went off on the main dancefloor area, a circular sunken stage with high silk curtain draped ceilings. As coloured rain danced over the audience, whoops of excitement filled the air. Keeping on that funkier house feel, we were thrown Make ‘Em Dance by Camelphat. The stage turned into a huge fountain, resembling something similar to the ones along the San Antonio promenade.

The dancefloor turned into a clubbers dream. As the pool water rose to around hip height, so no worries about swimming, the ravers were beside themselves with excitement. Drops in the music were accompanied by belly flops. Do make sure you pack your waterproof mascara for this event because you will get wet.

If you've ever wanted to go to a sparty (spa-party) in Budapest, look no further. Ibiza yet again has it all. This extraordinary party must be experienced at least once. The clubbers at the opening will definitely be remembering the moment for a long time.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson and Es Paradis

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