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How to choose a luxury villa on Ibiza

Expert advice from Ibiza One

When you choose a holiday, you want to be able to fulfill all your personal desires. When that break is on Ibiza, you might want to make your break as fabulous as possible and hire a luxury villa. For the money that you will pay, you should expect elegant design with high-end features and services to make your holiday pleasingly trouble-free plus a whole lot more. We spoke to Uwe Richtberg of Ibiza One, the luxury real estate agency to see what you need to consider before renting your perfect upscale Ibiza residence.

Ibiza One has years of experience in helping people find their ideal luxury villa and vets each property carefully. Uwe notes: “There are things that people require at a very minimum level. The villa should have all the equipment you might find in a modern home plus essential luxury items like a double fridge and an ice maker; a champagne fridge with multiple classes of champagne; regular cleaning, including bed linen and towel changes, each bed should have soft and hard pillows and the bathrooms should have quality products for guests to use. That's the baseline”

Location and location

You should ask yourself what you want from your villa's location. You could get a frontline property close to the action or to be away from it all with panoramic views of the Ibiza countryside. You can even choose to have a sea view or be high on a hill or both. If you want the glamour of Ibiza Town, Can Rimbau is top of most people's lists according to Uwe: “There are amazing views of Ibiza Town from there and it's just moments driving distance to the harbour of Marina Botafoch and cool restaurants like Heart, Lío or Cipriani. The privacy of this gated community attracts some of the world's most famous “AA” list celebrities because their privacy is well-protected.”

What on earth do you want?

Do you want modern minimalism, stately grandeur or more classic decor. Do you want space for meditation or a spa area. If going on an active holiday, then check your villa has a decently equipped gym. If your objective is to relax and stay in some nights, perhaps a private cinema might be your thing or a proper study if you are bringing work with you. The starting price for high end luxury could set you back from €60,000 per week, going up to as much as €100,000. You can spend around €20,000-30,000 per week and have a great villa, though expect to pay high prices for true opulence on Ibiza. Uwe adds: “A minimum of six rooms and close to Ibiza Town is what most of our customers seem to want. Many will bring their own chef, nanny or personal trainer, so people do need to take bedroom numbers into account.”

A new berth

Those choosing to stay in luxury villas on Ibiza usually want access to their private boat or yacht, hence the demand for closeness to the marina. Ibiza One has properties all over the island and highlights Es Cubells and Porroig as great villa locations to moor your sea vessel as an alternative, since properties in these places can be less expensive to rent. “Our clients don't want to waste time driving around, so it's no surprise that many choose a private company to pick them up at the villa and then shuttle them to their boat.”

Checked out?

One of the benefits of working with an accredited agency when selecting your villa is the peace of mind that the villa is clean, well-maintained and that everything works. You don't want to arrive to find that the air-con is on the blink or that the Wi-Fi is down for a few days when you choose this level of splendour. Each spring, Ibiza One checks all its properties are fully functional so they are completely ready for the season: “We ensure that state of the place meets very high standards and that essentials like the electrics and the plumbing are working - it's the all-important things that people don't look for, but need to know are being taken care of,” adds Uwe.

Safe and sound

Of paramount importance is safety. Luxury villas need a good alarm system and should be managed by a private security company. Whilst robberies are few for high-end properties, you do want to know that measures are in place, such as a 24-hour armed guard like some villas offer. Review this with the villa agency to make sure your needs are met.

You now have all the necessary elements to start creating your dream luxury villa stay. Do note that Ibiza Spotlight has a wide choice of villas of all price ranges, so do check out our pages to learn more.

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