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Time to book your 2022 Ibiza villa

Get browsing now to beat the rush.

Against all the odds, the 2021 summer season proved to be a bumper year for villa rental holidays. The 2021 season got off to an uncertain start in June and then accelerated rapidly, with a bombardment of last-minute bookings. Unfortunately, the shortened season, combined with many villa bookings being carried forward from the 2020 season when C****19 struck, meant there were some issues with availability.   

There are currently an estimated 20 to 25k legally registered beds available to rent in villas, compared to around 80k hotel beds. So, the sector is large, and it continues to grow each year. Nevertheless, competition for those beds is fierce and it makes good sense to plan your holiday early to have the first shot at the best properties. There is already considerable demand for 2022 reservations and that will increase dramatically after Christmas.

Our portfolio is made up of properties from our 3 renowned rental partners on Ibiza – Privadia Homes, Ecoibiza and Ibiza Villas 2000. Each company has a strong reputation for quality homes and excellent back-up service on the island, and we are extremely happy to recommend them to our valued visitors.

When browsing for properties on Ibiza Spotlight it is fun to use the map view. Simply choose your favoured resort and watch the map populate with the properties available in that area. If you scroll around, make sure you check the ‘Search as I move the map’ box to load more properties. With around 250 houses available, we have most of the island covered!

Please remember - most homeowners prefer 7-day bookings with Saturday changeovers. Always carefully check the booking conditions before sending over a reservation request. It can save everyone a lot of time, as any booking outside of those parameters will almost certainly be rejected.

We wish you all the best with your search and hope you enjoy browsing our awesome choice of villas while you dream of that deluxe summer ’22 holiday. We look forward to seeing you out here and please let us know if you have any feedback you would like to give us. Email us.  

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