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Fashion: Summer Countdown - Week Four

Leena Bhatti, fashion editor, concludes her comprehensive 4 week Summer Countdown to ensure you're at your best!

Ibiza Summer Countdown: Week 4. The final frontier.

Body rocking thanks to those gym sessions? Summer protection activated thanks to Summer Sun School? Travel essentials packed?

Welcome to Ibiza, my friends! What you are about to experience will stay with you forever.

A day on the beach may turn into an afternoon session on a yacht. New friends, a private villa party, dancing all night to watching the sun come up. On an island where the adventure never stops, that all essential outfit is key.

What do you wear in Ibiza that will take you from beach to bar to club though?
Whilst anything goes on this magical Island, bad taste does not.

Fever Pitch: Gentlemen, I would never dream of coming between you and the other eleven men. Football shirts on holiday however signal an instant red flag. Live a little off pitch in this bright pink T-shirt. Where else but in the sun can you rock such bright colours?

Can't afford you own yacht then wear it in this achingly cool shorts suit. Complete with spiritual skull beads and simple footwear. This is one strong look that will ensure you're not ever marooned alone.

Bottom half. Whist board shorts are the option for the beach, wet bottoms on fancy restaurants seats are no man's wet dream. These cool chinos are a lighter drier option.

Head gear. Chanel your inner Gatsby in this boater inspired hat.

Ladies, jump to it. This jumpsuit from Rihanna's' new River Island Collection in a light weight material works well as the perfect beach cover up. For night time appeal simply adorn with jewellery.

Ibiza is your catwalk and sometimes one outfit is never enough...

Hand dyed with love and made on the island, these incredible brightly coloured dresses are the ultimate in Ibiza style. The ingenious design means that you can wear them in a variety of different styles. The cotton rich knitted fabric moulds sensuously over your body. For a bit more modesty simply add another layer. I'll be slipping into mine for the beach. Super lightweight I might just carry more than one (so many colours to choose how is a girl supposed to decide?!) and it will slip easily into my World Family Ibiza bag. The ultimate arm candy, this bag is beautifully crafted and sure to get you noticed.

Wedges are a girl's best friend on this island. Height with comfort the perfect summer shoe.

Top Tip

If you think something is not right with your outfit, then it probably isn't. Listen to your inner personal stylist. Inner stylist on holiday too? Then make sure you follow Steamy Ibiza this summer for weekly tips and monthly style advice for men and women. Ibiza style of course. Starting right now.

Ibiza style dilemma? Email us and let our Steamy Ibiza Fashionista crew help you emerge fashion victor this Summer 2013. fashion[at]

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Image 1: Neon Pink Fluoro T-shirtT£20

Image 2: Sitka Tall Ships Shirt £54.99 / Stika Tall Ships Shorts £49.99 / Shimla Skull bracelet £20 Shimla Tiger Eye Bracelet £40 Cushe Flip flops £30

Image 3: Monkee Genes Slim Chinos £60

Image 4: Straw boater £15.99

Image 5: Green tie dye Rihanna sleeveless jumpsuit £80

Image 6: Bag

Image 7: Tan espadrilles' with glitter wedges £65

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