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Fashion: Summer Countdown - Week One

Ibiza is heating up and fashion Guru, Leena Bhatti, eases us into über-stylish for the season with her Summer Countdown.


Dear friends who live in colder climes,

Summer may feel like a cruel joke played on you by the Ancient Gods, but have faith. Here in the not so mythical land of Ibiza, things are definitely heating up.

Yep, it's getting' hot in here so take off all your clothes. If like me however, a peak under the layers reveals the need for a maintenance job, read on. Over the next 6 weeks Steamy Ibiza brings you fashion tips and advice on everything to help you prepare for your Ibiza 2013 summer holiday. From stylish gym wear for men and women, summer skin tips and the latest fashion trends our Ibiza fashionista team have it covered.

With 6 x weeks to go, your summer countdown to beach body perfection starts here, Ibiza Style.

Holidays are for relaxing and letting go (that includes the giant security blanket you call a beach towel).
For a beach body fit for the podium at Pacha, only one thing for it. No googling gastric bands. Let's get physical.

Jarod Chapman,Personal Trainer to the stars ( and Slender tone Ambassador advises applying The FITT principle to achieve that beach body.

Frequency: How often you choose to train
Intensity: How hard you train
Type: Which type of exercise you choose - I mix it up with a Ying/Yang combo of Yoga and Boxcercise.
Time: How long you spend on each activity.

Beach body goals set?

Time to dress the part. The partnering of the Olympics last year with fashion legends such as Armani and Stella McCartney influenced sportswear like never before, creating a luxe sports look good enough to wear on the catwalk. Think luxurious fabrics and tailored cuts. Stylish gym wear for men and women has never looked so good.

Mens Grey Joggers Urban Outfitters £50.00
Jog on in style. Position yourself right in this tailored jogger. No bagging necessary. Mens Grey Joggers Urban Outfitters £50.00

Ibiza fashion - Mens Black Tiger Print T-shirt £19.99

Eye of the Tiger. Get your Rocky on in this nod to the iconic Kenzo T-shirt. Mens Black Tiger Print T-shirt £19.99

Ibiza fashion - Mens  Python Cap £14.00

What workout hair? Sweat it out in this edgy python cap. Mens Python Cap £14.00

Ibiza fashion - Mens Neon bag £20.00

Keep your gear stashed in this Neon gym bag. Mens Neon bag £20.00

Ibiza fashion - Mens Nike Fuel Band £129

The key to doing more is knowing more. This ergonomic Nike Fuel band tracks your daily movements, allowing you to achieve goals. Mens Nike Fuel Band £129

Ibiza Fashion - Classic Vest £35

Keep the high with firm support. Specially formulated using hi-tech fabric, this supports your “muscles” during training. Antimicrobial silver technology kills bacteria. Nice. Formula40® Yoga Bra

Ibiza fashion - Lime Green Eco Pants £57.00

Lounge, party or hit the mat in this all over gathered designed eco pants. Designed to allow your skin to breath.
Lime Green Eco Pants £57.00

Ibiza Fashion - Black graphic shorts

Tiny shorts are out of this world. Black graphic shorts.

Ibiza fashion - Coral Shark watch £45

Track your performance with this pretty coral Shark watch. Coral Shark watch £45

Next week: Beach Body Summer Skin.

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