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Fashion: Summer Countdown - Week Two

This week’s Ibiza summer countdown, with Leena Bhatti, is all about achieving a healthy glow

Welcome to summer sun school!

First up, Science lesson (it's interesting, honestly!)

The sun gives off energy in the form of radiation. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is made of UVA and UVB wavelengths/rays. The amount of energy in a UVB light is the same amount required to mutate certain proteins in our DNA. When UVB rays hit our cells, the reaction can cause damage. Also the case for UVA.

Simply put:
UVB makes your skin burn.
UVA makes it age.
Sunscreens protect your skin from these rays.

Sunscreens contain Sun Protection Factor (SPF) which indicates the relative amount of sun burn protection for average users. According to Dr Stefanie Williams (Dermatologist and Medical Director of European Dermatology London we are not applying enough SPF and nor regularly enough.

Heliocare Range

Heliocare Range available from

Here she shares her top 5 tips with Ibiza Spotlight:

  1. Use an SPF-30-50 instead of your morning moisturizer.
  2. Make sure you use a product with a broad spectrum (both UVB/UVA protection)This range from Heliocare offers great protection and contains organically derived fernblock with anti-oxidant properties (see image above)
  3. For max anti aging effects, wear sun protection all year round.
  4. Use an anti-oxidant serum under your protection.
  5. Top up your protection with a Vitamin D supplement.

Sports Stick

Natural Sun Unscented SPF30 Sports Stick Price: £8.95

Gentlemen, if it's a discreet touch-up you want, then the Aubrey Organic sports stick is perfect and slips discreetly in your pocket.

Yonka Lait Bronzant

Yon-Ka Lait Auto-Bronzant Price: £29.00

For a head start, the only way is self-tanning. Yon-Ka's a luxury French skincare brand who utilises phyto-therapy in their products. Therefore, over 70% of Yon-Ka's products range consists of 90%+ natural ingredients and are paraben free.

Bio2You Anti-aging

Bio2You £24.95

The orange leathered look for skin is not sexy. After skin care is essential. Slather this organic anti-aging cream by bio2You to your face to replenish thirsty skin.

Macadamia Natural oil

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream 60ml £3.28 Available via

After a hard day at the beach, it's not just your skin that needs TLC. My hair always gets parched. This Macadamia Nourishing Leave in cream smells so good I want to eat it.

Ginger Hero

Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak retails at £9.99

Talking of eating… My favourite super food is ginger. I was excited to see it used in a muscle soak from those clever people at Natural Hero's. Created by plant scientist and sports physio it's the Perfect anti dote to all that exploring of Ibiza's coastlines….or better still after a session dancing nonstop to Carl Cox at sands.

Sea, Sun + Sand + Music = Ibiza Fun:)

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