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Fashion: Summer Countdown - Week Three

Leena Bhatti, Fashion Editor, offers 7 great tips and tackles preparation and packing for the perfect Ibiza Summer Break

Packing light for your Ibiza summer holidays is an art form.

Gentlemen, for VIP travel appeal, this luxurious Dom Reilly Weekender has been designed to be durable and compact. Following Formula One's pursuit of perfection. Racy.

Dom Reilly Bag

Step 1: Draw up a holiday diary. Assign a minimum of two outfits per day.

Most of us require beach, day tripping and evening outfits.

Step 2: Lay out on your bed your clothes, shoes, accessories, grooming and toiletries products and miscellaneous items (travel adaptors, books, iPod speakers etc.) that you wish to take. If they don't all fit on your bed then they won't fit in your hand luggage.

Step 3: Lay flat the heaviest items at the bottom (i.e. a beach towel)

Step 4: Roll all other clothing and pack.

Step 5: Place shoes in a plastic bag first and slip into the sides. Socks can be rolled into shoes. This also helps keep the shape.

Step 6: Secure toiletries in clear see through plastic and secure lids with sellotape.

Step 7: Pack all other miscellaneous items in and around.

My intentions are always good, but once I Iand on Ibizan soil, I want to go straight out! Save time by freshening up with the following Ibiza travel survival kit!

Contactspod is the world's first pre-filled single-use contact lens case. Great for when you want to remove lenses whilst travelling.

A few drops of Artelec Rebalance (comes in a 10 ml size) help combat dry eyes from the planes' harsh air conditioning.

Artlece Eye Drops

Jet lag. What jet lag? Loved by celebrities' including Victoria Beckham, this organic soothing eye gel is a miracle in a jar. Great for post party eyes. No need for sunglasses. From the company that uses Bee Venom in its formulas!

Heaven Eye gel

For a fresh faced look all you need is a potato. No really. Favoured by The Japanese due to their medicinal and beauty effects for hundreds of years, these Konjac face and body sponges are genius and are made from the Konaj plant root. Easy to use providing gentle but effective cleansing power.

Konjac Sports Sponge

Wipe and go with these Pitrock natural salt body wipes.

Pitrok Deo Wipes

5 O' clock shadow is cute if you're Brad Pitt. Ladies this hot wax kit is super easy and I promise pain free.

Parissa Hot Wax

Sometimes all it takes is just one kiss. One kiss to catch a cold sore that is. This natural rescue gel contains a unique formula of liquorice and Melissa oil to stop embarrassing cold sores in their dirty tracks.

Next Week 4. Final Ibiza Summer Countdown: From beach to bar. Your Essential Ibiza Style Guide

Product references, prices and retail points:

Dom Reilly Weekender bag - £1,400

Contactspod Pre-filled contact lens case - £3.49

Bausch + Lomb's eye drop solution, Artelac® Rebalance - £6.95 RRP

Heaven Eye Smoother Gel - £23.30

Konac Face and Body Sponges - £11.99

Pitrok Deodorant Wipes - £2.49

Parissa Hot Wax - £8.99

Liquorice & Melissa Lip Gel - £7.95 for 15ml

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