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Theatre in Can Ventosa

Enjoy this musical comedy with the whole family.

Saturday 15 Jan 2022
From: 19:00

Where: Can Ventosa cultural centre, Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

On January 15, the Can Ventosa cultural centre will host the musical comedy Beethoven#ParaElisa, a family play by the ManodeSanto Teatro company.

The play, which will start at 19:00, is directed by Olga Margallo Martínez and Antonio Muñoz de Mesa, who plays Beethoven, accompanied by a cast of artists such as Víctor Ullate, Núria Sánchez, Inés León and Lola Barroso.

In the synopsis, Teresa Malfatti, the platonic love of Ludwig van Beethoven, entrusts the genius of Vienna to compose a piece for piano dedicated to a young prodigy who has just arrived in the city: Elisabet Barensfeld, whom he affectionately refers to as "Elisa ». Teresa Malfatti confesses to Beethoven that the composition of the work is an excuse for him to also give piano lessons to the young Elisa, who is losing her vocation for music. Beethoven becomes obsessed with pleasing Teresa using all the strategies at her disposal so that Elisa does not abandon music. However, he discovers that Elisa has a passion other than music and the young woman teaches Beethoven that there is life beyond genius, talent and music.

Find more information and tickets, costing €10, head here.

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