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La Imprenta presents Chicago, Musicals & Cabaret

A world of gangsters, dancers, artists and burlesque

Every Thu, Fri, Sat from 23 March 2018 until 26 May 2018
From: 21:00

Where: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

La Imprenta invites you to enter a parallel dimension on Saturdays: a world of gangsters, dancers, artists, and burlesque. They are talking about the city of Chicago in the 1920's, a time marked by the rise of jazz, a time of Prohibition which led to the appearance of illegal taverns, famous gangsters like Al Capone and a whole criminal empire in the United States, especially in Chicago. Saturdays at La Imprenta will focus on the musical atmosphere of the time, governed by cabaret, vaudeville and music halls.

Immerse yourself in an intense and dramatical show at La Imprenta featuring dancers and artists whose performances will tell magnificent stories typical of the time. Great tracks such as All That Jazz or Big Spender will set the rhythm of Saturdays at La Imprenta.

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