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Cineforum: Me llamo Violeta

Screening of an award-winning documentary about two families with a transgender minor.

Wed 31 Mar, 2021
From: 18:30


The Consell de Ibiza and the LGTBIQ + collective have organized a cinema forum to screen the documentary 'Me llamo Violeta'. After the film there will be a round table discussion with Carmen Alberto from Chrysallis Baleares and Toni Martí from La Clave de Armará.

Me llamo Violeta is about the story of two very different families but with a transgender minor in common. One of the minors is Violeta, who has decided to be a girl and live as such at only 11 years old, with a happy life. And the other is Alan, the opposite of Violeta, he was a victim of harassment and did not feel enough support from his family with a tragic end.

The documentary has won the Audience Award and the International Amnisity Award at DocsBarcelona.

The entry is free, but places are limited, the first 83 people in order of arrival get in.

When: Wednesday, March 31, 18:30 h
Where: Auditorio de Cas Serres

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