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Life Art classes prove to be a huge success on Ibiza

Naked people, beautiful venue, great food - all typical in Ibiza but add in a teacher & some paint and a whole different picture is created.

By Spotlight

Ammonitearte Life Drawing Class

I’ve never attended a Life Drawing class before so I had no idea what to expect.
I can, right off the bat, tell you from start to finish that I was enormously impressed.

Ibiza Spotlight Ammonite Arte Life Art Classes 2012

Arriving at the visually impressive Can Amonita villa near San Lorenzo, I walked into a wonderfully welcoming environment. On the day I attended there were seven students, the very gifted teacher Joel Rice and a naked man on a cushion.
These classes have been very well received on the island, a successful combination of a talented teacher, great models, lovely venue and not to be underestimated at all, a lunch to delight the palate.

Ibiza Spotlight Ammonite Arte Life Art Classes 2012

Joel himself walks his talk. With a background spanning a degree in Fine Art, Graphic Designer for EMI he now resides on the island, encouraging others to explore their creativity. He actively partakes in the class, finding time to draw too.
Watching him at work is entertainment unto itself – a blank page is rapidly transformed into a striking work of art. Nonetheless he is ever mindful of his students and when everyone has started to define their own creation he makes his way around the room, stepping from easel to easel, talking quietly with each person, gently offering advice, guidance and dollops of encouragement.

I asked some of the students what had attracted them to undertake such a class. The answers surprised me. Experience ranged widely from complete beginners to those who had themselves undertaken a degree in the Fine Arts. Some came to learn, some to just keep up the practice. A couple of people had ‘caught the bug’ after another student, not present that day, had asked her friends to come along as part of her birthday celebrations – what a lovely, rather unique idea.

I noticed one student was favouring her arm and asked if everything was ok? She showed me her hand which was quite severely injured. It was also the hand she used to paint, to draw. She enjoyed the class so much she had decided to come along and use her other hand rather than miss out.
That spoke volumes.

The cost of the class is all-inclusive – everything from Joels presence, the model, all equipment and lunch. Already taken aback at the calibre of the event I wondered if corners had been cut on the lunch? To the contrary the two course vegetarian meal, freshly prepared, wouldn’t have been out of place in a restaurant.
As I chatted with the students I wanted to know how they would receive visitors to the island and had to smile because there was such enthusiasm. Newcomers would be very welcome.

Ibiza Spotlight Ammonite Arte Life Drawing Classes 2012

When is the next class? Ah. They run through the winter months (October – May)
Whilst I can’t draw for toffee and had never for a moment considered undertaking such a class before, the day had been so wonderful that I realised I was seriously tempted.
So, something to put in your diaries for next winter.

On an aside, Joel can be booked for private classes / groups.

For more information or to make a booking, visit Ammonite Arte

Photography: Cat Milton


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