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Gay Bars in Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is a lot more traditional in its appearance than San Antonio but it definitely has its fun side. It also hosts the only known gay area with specific gay scene.

Ibiza Town is a lot more traditional in its appearance than San Antonio but it still has its fun side. It also hosts the only known gay area with specific gay scene.  My 1st night out is planned for Ibiza town and its gay side, but until then here are a few of the well known gay bars which the previous writer recommended. Again, keep checking back for more information throughout the coming weeks.

La Nada

After 11 years German owners Jens and Jens make sure you feel very much at home here. Their cocktails are particularly delicious , so much so that their guests return repeatedly. Open every night from 8pm onwards.

Bar 22

The bar that rocks through the winter. A varied and colourful crowd. An inspiration to the eye, as it is also very popular with the Spanish boys. Every night from 10pm onwards.


In the winter popular as an after hours bar, in the summer as a welcoming fun bar on the mile. Every night from 10pm onwards.

Bar Exis

Here Brigittchen and Sony have been entertaining for 12 years. A landmark on the mile. This cheeky Berliner girl loves partying, specially with her clients and some „hierbas ibicencas“. Every night from 10pm onwards.

Bar Leon

At the end of the street you'll find this small but charming bar, run by Erwin with his husky voice with Simona by his side (whether a man or a woman, nobody knows). Both of them a good laugh, in German and in English. Every night from 10pm onwards.

On your way back again towards the ramp that takes you into the old town. Here you will find on your left


Running strong for 40 years now, this meeting place melds together young and old. Great place for fun and a bit of tension. A very stylish bar with a dark room. Following the stairs downwards you'll find the Club Lolas. The generous terrace is the place to be seen. Every night from 11pm onwards.


Just further up from the Angelo's lies the SoapUp. Markus und Julio have a talent for finding the sexiest waiters on the island. Around 1am gay party promotors fill the terrace. So keep your ears and eyes open if you want to get on the guest list. And those of you who want to look further can peer over the terrace of Angelos, maybe you'll find your prince down there.

La Muralla

Up the ramp into Dalt Vila you'll find one of the first exclusively gay cruise bars on the island. Now run by Eric & Marco, in the summer its a great International meeting point and famous for its theme parties, some with strict dress code. Except Sundays, open every night from 11pm to 3am.

Have fun !

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