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Gay bars on Ibiza

There are lots of gay bars on Ibiza, mainly in and around Ibiza Town where you'll see vibrant colour, theatrics and an up for it crowd everywhere.


As we've said previously, the island is very gay-friendly generally, though there is a good selection of gay bars here, mostly concentrated in and around Ibiza Town, where Calle de la Virgen and Calle Alfonso in the old port area are the main stopping points.

Figueretas has a couple of gay bars, though many of its bars are pretty gay-friendly. San Antonio also has its own gay meeting point in the bar of its first and only gay-only hotel The Purple.

The gay scene here is pretty wild, just like it is in many worldwide cities, but with that hedonistic free-spirited edge that Ibiza brings. There is a mix of gay only places and gay/straight-friendly to men only bars.

A small lament is that there aren't any specific lesbian bars, though Sunrise in Ibiza Town is a popular haunt. Generally you'll find that most gay bars are generally painted with all colours of the LGBTQI community, and their friends, in mind.

Most bars are open during the busy summer season between May and October, though a small number remain of them open in the winter towards the weekend. Here is a guide to some of our top picks.

Ibiza Town


One of the most popular gay bars with a busy terrace at the foot of castle's ramparts in Carrer d'Alfonso XIII. The waiters look like they came fresh from a fashion shoot – all are very friendly and will bring you your drink fast. A great place to see and be seen.

Where: Carrer d'Alfonso XII, 7


Mona Lisa

Right next to DÔME is this elegant little cocktail bar, which serves as a very popular meeting point for tourists and locals. You might spot the odd celeb here too. The waiters are all well groomed and handsome, so if you are waiting for friends, you'll have something to distract you.

Where: Carrer d'Alfonso XII. 3



Very friendly bar whose co-owner, Dragan makes all comers feel at home, sweeping making sure you are all having fun. We like that. The bar attracts a mixed crowd of gays straights and swingers. A small bar with seating inside and on the streets, it's a great place to get quite the conversation going.

Where: Calle de la Virgen (Carrer de la Mare de Déu), 40



This mixed and fun bar looks slightly like something out of a fantasy with its swings as bar stools and their slight erotic movie effect. Peter the very friendly owner has a great welcoming smile and there's a great atmosphere here. It's also a popular venue for lesbians and is open in the winter too.

Where: Calle de la Virgen (Carrer de la Mare de Déu), 44


Pool Bar @ Hotel Cenit

The bar at this renowned gay-friendly hotel, open also to non-hotel guests, is a great place at all times of day. Early evening and afternoons are good for the odd encounter or you can just go to meet friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's elevated position also gives stunning views out to sea.

Where: Archiduque Luís Salvador s/n, Los Molinos

Open every day from May till mid October.

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CHAOS Bar Ibiza

If you are staying near here, this café/bar aimed at gays and straights is the perfect hang out if you don't want to leave Figueretas or as a warm-up spot before hitting town or a club. Drinks are very reasonably priced too.

Where: Carrer Asturias, 2


San Antonio

Purple bar

This venue hit San Antonio in 2014 as the only “gay only” hotel in town. There's a stylish bar and restaurant area and the owners very much see the place as a hub and oasis for gays and lesbians in the town. Staff are friendly and it makes a cool place to hang out.

Open every day from mid May till beginning of October.


Note: The main gay area street names are given in Spanish for descriptive purposes. When using web-based map services like Google Maps, in Catalan, Calle de la Virgen becomes “Carrer de la Mare de Déu” and Calle Alfonso XIII “Carrer d'Alfonso XIII”. All other addresses here are provided in Catalan.

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