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Gay and LGBTQIA life on Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the top European LGBTQIA hotspots.


Ibiza is considered one of the top European LGBTQIA hotspots, with many contending that it's the best of all. Why? Ibiza is a clubbers and hedonists paradise and if that doesn't attract gay and people of all other sexual orientations, I don't know what does.

There's so much more to it than that though. Ibiza had one of the first organised, if clandestine, gay scenes in Spain in the 60's – in short the island has a long history with gay culture as you will see when you walk around the Gay and LGBTQIA area in Ibiza Town.

As well as a very good dedicated gay scene, you'll find that many places are mixed: here sexual orientation is pretty much a non-issue. There are some LGBTQIA / mixed nights in the super clubs, though you will find that just about most club nights are going to be LGBTQIA friendly. With so many world-beating and hugely influential club nights, you owe it to yourself to make it part of your experience.

Gay bars and clubs are mainly located in Ibiza Town, Dalt Vila and Figueretas – it's the gay hub of the island, especially in and around the street of Calle de la Virgen in the port area where you'll see much colour and animation.

It's not just the gay community either: everything from fetishists and displays of the wildest clothing or very little attire is what often goes on this buzzing street. This is especially true at night when the club parades pass around with gorgeous guys, cute go-go boys and extravagantly dressed drag queens bringing sparkle and glamour to this melting pot of counterculture. It's a blast!

2015 saw the launch of the island's Pride event, Ibiza Gay Pride with parties in clubs and bars. The Rights March parade, which attracted a huge audience and saw the streets filled with people all excitedly particpating in proceedings in a riot of colour. The success of this event, supported by the island Government, has meant that it now takes place every year. Fabulous!

What else would the LGBTQIA traveller wish to know? Well, Ibiza has something for everyone from VIP luxury, top hotels, world-class restaurants and more bars than you can shake a stick at. The beaches here too are spectacular in their beauty, so beyond the excellent Es Cavallet, with its gay area and the semi-official gay part of Figueretas beach, you will want to explore more of the fine golden sands of the island.

Take a look through our pages below, which will guide you through the best of what Ibiza has to offer our big bright LGBTQIA world.

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