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L'Amorigen Ibiza

Restaurant, Es Caná, Ibiza. Authentic beach spirit, mindful food, homemade pizza, art gallery and much more ...



L’Amorigen conjures up the very essence of Ibiza owing to the fact that it's a unique melting pot of different cultures. It is situated just metres from the crystal-clear waters of Cala Nova, in the northeast of the island.

The venue is open year-round. Its cuisine is based on the concept of mindful eating, using fresh and seasonal products, at very reasonable prices. Its delicious pizzas are prepared in the wood-fired oven and always served with a smile.

The ambiance is laid-back and comfy, with plenty of different seating areas ideal for chilling after you've been for a swim. The service is welcoming and the music - be it DJ sets or live concerts - always entertaining. For kids, there is a small recreational area in the sand. During the summer, activities are provided for the little ones, along with various workshops for adults.

L'Amorigen also operates as a spacious art gallery where local and travelling artists regularly contribute.

With its singular mix of holidaymakers and residents, nudists and surfers, hippies, guests staying at 5-star hotels, and campers, Cala Nova is the perfect setting for somewhere as quirky, original and inviting as L'Amorigen. 


Resort: Es Caná, Ibiza

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