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Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Spector at Ibiza Rocks

Our live music specialist McRackin stays true to his Ibiza Rocks love and is still blown away by last night's gig.

Spector, nominated for BBC's Sound of 2012 poll, have five singles in the market (the first four compiled in the EP The luv luv luv singles) and their first album Enjoy it while it lasts is ready for a mid-august release!

The impeccably dressed band played crackers like "Celestine", "What you wanted" or "Chevy thunder" along with unreleased (and equally good) tracks like "Friday night, don't ever let it end". Special mention to the frontman Fred MacPherson (briefly a presenter for MTV2 UK and ex of Peaches Geldof), who has a brilliant stage presence and a great voice too. They've been a great discovery, that's for sure!

Kaiser Chiefs' come back to the island was one of the most awaited shows of the year by many, including lots of residents who didn't want to miss them. They first came in 2005 to Privilege's back room (presenting their debut Employment) and returned in 2007 to Bar M (presenting their sophomore album Yours truly, angry mob) for a legendary gig that's still remembered as one of the best in the history of Ibiza Rocks... not forgetting that in 2006 their singer Ricky Wilson was at Bar M twice, first doing a dj set and later joining theRockaoke fun. Having released another three albums since then (Off with their heads, The future is medieval and Start the revolution without me) and topped charts worldwide, it was about time they returned to make history again!

After the intro ("Money for nothing" by Dire Straits!) the band jumped on stage and kickstarted what is perhaps one of the most exciting nights ever at the hotel. By the second song, Ricky was already in the crowd and the energy was palpable, with the floor literally shaking. But that was just the beginning... during "I predict a riot" he climbed the scaffolding on the stage; in the middle of "The angry mob" he left the stage and reappeared in the balcony of the press room from where he sang the rest (like Tinie Tempah one year ago); and to finish a night to remember during "Oh my god" he went down again, walked across the crowd till where the soundboard is, climbed the scaffolding, went up to the VIP and finally jumped into the pool... try to beat that, huh? Musically the concert was exceptional too... we heard songs from all their five albums, specially from the first two, plus the excellent new one "Listen to your head" (taken from their compilation Souvenir: the singles 2004-2012 that came out some weeks ago) and the b-side and long-time live favourite "Take my temperature". Fave concert of the summer so far!

Read the full review including set lists and many more pics here!

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