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Review: Amnesia Opening Party 2012

What a party...

There is no denying that Amnesia knows how to throw a party and last night the super-club hosted one of the island's most popular opening sessions which lasted a solid 12 hours... definitely not for the faint hearted.

The Main Room featured sets from Sander Kleinenberg, Kim Fai, The Zombie Kids, Les Schmitz and Caal Smile with violinist Micah also making an appearance; whilst the Terrace had an equally fierce line-up with Squire, Joseph Capriati, Coyu, Audiofly, Reboot and Mar-T rounded off with a highly anticipated back to back from Circoloco favourites Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann.

Spending the majority of my evening in the infamous Terrace - how I've missed that place - I enjoyed a really nice and melodic set from the Audiofly boys, Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton. Joseph Capriati went onto give a banging set which was both driving and groovy with influences of trance towards the end; and of course Reboot wowed the crowd with an audio feast of his best sounds. Although for the duration of the night the Terrace was my home, the main room still pulled some blinding sets out of the bag; in particular Amnesia resident Les Schmitz and Caal Smile who both set the dance-floor alight with amazing infectious sounds.

For me the night just got better and better and the build up to Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann's back to back set was not only exciting but the anticipation could be felt within the crowd. Aside from the slightly tired and less impressive dance moves there was still a great atmosphere in the Terrace, not only on the dance-floor but also in the booth and right around the packed VIP area. Before the b2b Mar-T took control of the penultimate set and dropped Kevin Saunderson's track 'Future feat Inner City' which encouraged a surge of cheers and claps through the crowd. Incorporating melodic instrumentals, vocals, hip-house and big bass into his set Mar-T brought the Terraces euphoria up to a new high ready for the final set of the night - even if he did get a little bit carried away with the levels from time to time both he and the crowd were having a blast. With the terrace still buzzing Davide Squillace was the first of the two DJs to get in the mix joined by Moon Harbour head Tanzmann a few tracks in. Taking the Terrace, the party and the music to a whole new level the guys were definitely worth the wait and the tired hard core ravers were transformed into energetic bass bouncers within a matter of seconds. The excitement from the DJ booth surged through the crowd and transformed one of the islands biggest events into an intimate party and the connection between the clubbers and the DJs was on point. Dropping big basslines and creating huge build ups with mad instrumentals and robotic vocals their set was faultless and a perfect way to end an epic party.

Before the guys had stepped into the booth to bring the grand Amnesia opening to a close the buzz had understandably dipped a little - just a little, as most clubbers had already been there for an impressive 9 hours. Although everything from the sunlight shining though the ceiling to the hippy who was adoring the crowd from the VIP balcony kept the unmatchable Ibizan buzz alive.

If you want a bit more of the Squillace and Tanzmann action then get down to DC10 for another b2b and then carry on the party with the Cocoon opening... Amnesia is back!

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