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SPTL125: Eclectic Avenue Records Showcase

Eclectic certainly is the word here. Special VINYL ONLY mix from Jacob Kelly and Ryan Shaw of E.A.R.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection in the mix.

"We (J.Cub, Ryan Shaw & Leena) always like to have time to think about our mixes, we don't want to plague the internet/Radio shows with mix after mix from us with similar records. Between us we can pretty much play any genre of dance music from Chill out to Main Room but we always think that if you are going to sit an listen to a mix then it should at least reflect where it will be listened to. This is something you will never know, however one thing you do know, that its not going to be necessarily in one place, so the music has to change through out the mix. Its different in a club, you can see what people want they are in front of you. So the track selection hopefully reflects that idea."

Tell us about the podcast - where and how was it recorded?

"We wanted to show our abilities to move with music, show our passion which is productions that hold depth."

"It was recorded at J.Cub's "Tight Fit Studios", aptly named as it's that full of equipment there is hardly room to swing a cat. Every mix is direct from vinyl (wherever possible - unreleased tracks on CD) direct into a Tascam CD recorder. No computers are ever used, we feel that the way computers are being used to record mixes or for use when playing in clubs takes the skill away, so what if a mix goes slightly out, we are human. On that note we are not anti computers they have their time and place."

Have you always been this eclectic?

"Yes, its important to listen to all types of music, especially if you going to write/produce music, you can pick up so many good ideas and tips on how to make your own sets or productions sound different. J.cub is currently writing an album to reflect this, which transcends House, Disco, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul and even Classical."

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment?

"We are just about to release our 11th vinyl release in February. Lil' Mark 'Pulling Strings' feat remix by J.Cub. So that's taking a lot of time but is truly exciting. Also looking forward into the year ahead and planning gigs, which is already looking busy."

You all come from interesting backgrounds work wise, how has that helped you with E.A.R.'s development as a label?

"All three of us are completely different, so there is never the same idea or two against one in decisions. We all have complete respect for where we have all come from, sounds a bit 'business' like but we are a good team."

You've got a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"On a weekend off, if Jacob isn't entertaining his 6 year old son, Rudi, what many people don't know is that he and Ryan are avid skaters. Having been skateboarding for most of their lives, the pair often take to the nearest skate park when they have time off to practice the skills of their misspent youths."

"Leena, on the other and, enjoys the more tranquil things the island of Ibiza has to offer, such as the beautiful beaches and exquisite Spanish restaurants. As all three tend to spend an awful amount of time inside clubs and venues, it's great to be able to escape it all every now and again..."

In the modern digital world, do you think being a vinyl only imprint is viable?

"We made the decision to release our vinyl releases in digital format but only when we have released the vinyl in sets of ten. Meaning that if you want the new release you have to buy it on vinyl or wait. Digital music is very throw away, and the music we release is not so that's the why we wanted to do it that way."

What plans are in place for the coming year?

"J.Cub's head down in the studio writing new releases and his album. Ryan has his Mastersounds project. Mastersounds is an audio accessories company for the vinyl enthusiast which specialises in record weights and Leena is living out in Ibiza working hard for We Love, but most of all we are all pushing E.A.R forward and gigging."


“Into a marketplace saturated with disposable music releases enters Eclectic Avenue Records – a serious label for serious music.”

E.A.R is the brainchild of Mr Jacob Kelly, previous co-owner of one of the strongest underground house labels of the last 5 years – Baker Street Recordings. Joining forces with Kelly is former Phonica Records guru, Ryan Shaw, well-respected DJ & Producer and long-time Back to Basics & DDD resident. The third and final member of the crew is creative wizard, Leena Sharma.

E.A.R. is a project which is defined by it's name – an “avenue” for “eclectic” music. E.A.R releases quality music taking inspiration from all genres. The result? A label that has the freedom to produce timeless music that is able to move in any direction.

The label is confident that their music will be a legacy that musos & DJs alike will want to own physically, and be proud to pull out of their wax collections in many years to come. Therefore, every E.A.R. release is available on vinyl only. The vinyl only concept is a rare statement in these digital times, and every fan, collector and DJ can be certain that each track has been carefully mastered for maximum listening and DJing quality.

E.A.R is a serious record label for serious music, already boasting acts such as Pete Herbert, Popular Peoples Front, LTJ Xperience, Rob Mello, Justin Harris, Small Giants (Joshua Iz & Jacob) & the label's own Ryan Shaw, to name a few.

So watch out for them, world, and welcome to Eclectic Avenue Records.

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