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Review: Lucky Life welcomes summer at Pacha Ibiza

The Lucky Life crew prove summer's on our doorstep.

This weekend inadvertently turned into somewhat of a carnage-fuelled fiesta for the masses. I can say pretty confidently that more people woke up with sore heads this morning than kids who have cried watching Watership Down. A large proportion of those post-party blues can be attributed to the Lucky Life crew, who swooped in to Pacha on Sunday night with ‘Summer is Coming' - a celebration of 10 years of the brand - putting a definitive full stop (or maybe ellipses) on the week in the process.

The Lucky Life juggernaut actually went into motion early on Sunday afternoon, when the gang - experts at combining feel good vibes with quality sounds - teamed up with Float Your Boat Ibiza to take the party to sea. But I joined the fleet many hours later back on dry land, arriving just in time to find them dominating a packed out Global Room at Pacha.

For a Sunday night pre-peak season, the place was teeming and the crowd, up for it - the energy coming from the club was palpable. Behind the booth on arrival were two beacons of Balearic beats, 2VILAS, who between them kept the dance floor a humming hive of activity with their minimal house sound. But it was when Ben Fhurst and Graham Sahara stepped up for a b2b session that the statement of intent for the night was made abundantly clear. For over two hours, the duo unleashed a stream of bangers with relentless groove, flecks of roaring bass and the kind of soul-lifting undertones that leave you biting your lip and stomping your foot in unison. Tunes like the ludicrous bass beast that is ‘Swamp Donkey', by Doorly and Hauswerks, kept everyone on their toes, while ‘Rej', by Âme, moved us into euphoric territory before we were thrown ruthlessly into the approaching summer with a taste of one of last year's biggest tunes, ‘Epika', by Guy Mantzur and Roy Rosenfeld - a reminder, if you needed one, that unknown gems lie around every corner at the start of a new season.

A diligent, eager bunch, we remained rooted to the spot for hours, keen to drink up as much of the approaching summer goodness as possible, while the Lucky Life crew were simultaneously on a mission to keep doling it out. In the words of one of the Chronic Cowboys, who also appeared on the bill last night, 'there's no time like the present, no present like time'. And on the precipice of another summer on the island, last night was proof of that.

WORDS | Abby Lowe

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