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Podcast: SPTL189: Andrea Fiorito

Rising up from a dark place to produce a new EP and an exclusive mix for us.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"The tracks I selected are a mix of my own music, some from Abstract matters (my friend Nico and I) and some tunes found from my collection of oldies. I recorded it at home with two turntables and a mixer."

What musical influences do you have that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"Well, basically I am starting to add more of my own music into my sets and some well researched records from friends such as Martin Teysera or Brett Johnson."

"But, generally, it is analogue sounding house music. I am influenced by every musical genre without restrictions, because I am one of those guys who thinks that restrictions are only 'bad things for our soul'. So please set up yourself comfortably to enjoy the mix and that's it!"

The Plug

We understand you some time away in South America after a personal loss to find inspiration and begin work on your latest LP Voodoo Grooves. What gave you inspiration over there?

"Well, travelling is always good, and especially if you can see things for the first time. Some time in the rain forest was very helpful to imagine the kind of sound I wanted to add to my music, but more than everything else, it was the time I spent with myself walking or talking with a loyal friend."

Has it always been your practice to take yourself away somewhere to properly immerse yourself in your new project or was this an exceptional case?

"No, this time was different. I needed to be far from my natural landscapes to meet myself again and have a serious talk with myself."

In the bio to your new LP, it states that you're a clear advocate of the use of both digital and analogue instruments. Could you tell us any more about what you used to create the LP?

"Well, I am a person who doesn't like to think mechanically anymore. When I was in Berlin, the last years I spent there was at a time when every single DJ I knew was freaking out with analogue and the word analogue was more important than the ideas behind the music… I think this is pretty stupid, don't you?"

"I was lucky to have my studio in the 'Taubentrasse' building. What an experience! There was Tobias and Max Loderbauer Studios, Matthew Dekay's, Cassy at the very beginning, Matthew Styles and Dinky's, Mike and Deadbeat together, Pier Bucci, Namito, Guy Gerber and sooo many others..... I have learned a lot there and especially the differences between analogue and digital music and I have to say the most amazing thing is to use every available technology to release new ideas. Again it's a mind thing….."No restrictions in my mind”.

"A special thanks goes, for sure, to my mentors over there like Pier Bucci, of course Mike, & Matthew Dekay.... THANKS GUYS, because the hours I spent in your rooms stay in my heart!"

"For this album I used low and high definition samples, recorded from records or just taken from the internet, Roland TR 909, Jomox Xbase 888, A modular synth based on a module from Intellijel called Atlantis, Roland TR 505, Moog Little Phatty, Juno 106 roland, Prophet 08, my computer and a little bit of fantasy."

You've chosen some seemingly meaningful titles for your tracks, could you explain what they mean? For example, presumably you wrote the opening track - ‘Salinas' - whilst visiting the city in Ecuador, South America?

"Come on! Let's stay more in the music! Salinas is my favourite place in Ibiza to chill out in June or October. I love Ibiza and Sa Trinxa's 'sardinas a la plancha' and on a good day the music there is really good. That time it was really in my mood. You know, introspections infront of the sea... ;) "

The LP is to be released on Cynosure Recordings, owned by Mike Shannon. What is it like being involved with the label? I believe you were at once point in partnership with Mike over the musical direction and releases of the label, is this still the case?

"Mike and I are really good friends and to me when he decided the first time to release one record from me it was such a goal! We are partners in disaster by the way, but Cynosure is led really well from him and it is and always will be Mike's baby."

"Sure, we have so many plans together now but what I can say is that my A&R energy at the moment is focused more into A.I.T.S (Angels In The Shadow), a new record label distribuited worldwide by Kompakt, where we will release music from myself and other friends under aliases - more melodic, drone, raw, jazz, pop, classic, ethnic… Once again music without genre restrictions!"

It's always a pleasure to have a mix from someone who has been involved in the scene for some time, in your case 20 years. Clearly, the scene has changed in that time and we always hear the negative sides of this. Do you have any positives to take from where the scene has gone during your career?

"Well the positive thing is that sometimes, music brings people together."

As you say, you were once based in Berlin, do you think the city deserves it's reputation as one of dance musics capitals? Is there a place on the earth with a better dance music culture?

"Well, I guess Berlin's lifestyle is a perfect cradle for those kind of things. Berlin is the place, I have to say."

In the past you have played at a variety of venues on the island - such as DC10 and The Zoo Project - will you be making a visit to the island this season?

"Well, right now it's a dream to go back to the island. I am very busy with the start of the new label and with the production of the 6th edition of Gipsyland, a very complex event that will be on July 4th and Aug 13th in Italy, plus I am working on my third album (out in 2015) but... let's see what happens!"

Lastly, imagine you have a day off when visiting Ibiza. Where would you go? What would you do?

"I already feel the sun on my skin. Last time I went there with my bike it was an extraordinary experience. I see myself waking up early to go to the market in Ibiza town for the bio vegetables, then in Santa Eularia for the fish shopping. Usually after those rituals I like to go back home, leave the food in the fridge and go to the beach. Last year Cala Salada was our base. Every day 2/3 hours of snorkelling, meeting some friends, riding the bike as much as possible from beach to beach, another swim at Puestas de Sol and my day is over after a tapas of pata negra strictly in Santa Gertrudis at Bar Costa."

"This is what I love about Ibiza, it's a place that can be both relaxed and extreme fun!"


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